ZTE provides results for the commercial use of NFV before

ZTE has explored the industrial use of the NFV/SDN (network-function virtualisation/software-defined networking) technologies and tested. The results of the investigations were last week by Lu Guanghui, NFV Chief Engineer of ZTE Telecom Cloud and core network on which presents NFV World Congress in San Jose (USA).

Lu Guanghui said according to ZTE at the Congress, which challenges the IoE (Internet of everything) and OTT (Over The top) represent services and business models for the traditional networks of the operators. In the industry, the network transformation applies to operators as an important challenge, and many operators have also already begun or plan, as communicated by ZTE. Such a transformation is a complex matter, since it requires the combination of cloud computing, NFV/SDN, big data, and orchestration, including rebuilding of infrastructure, network functions and operational processes.

 ZTE presents findings for the commercial use of NFV (image: ZTE). ZTE presents findings for the commercial use of NFV (image: ZTE).

while the rebuilding of the infrastructure requires the usage in the data center, and SDN technology use for highly efficient networking, the rebuilding of the network function need a “flexible and open” native cloud network function, according to the company. The operational Setup requires, however, an intelligent and automated orchestration, the operating layer based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. By incorporating all these aspects, the network transformation in a large integration effort, long cycles and high complexity results, and in this context, solutions to many problems must be found. Is the practice the only way to find out how the network transformation can succeed?

in his speech, Lu Guanghui presented a successful procedure for the network transformation. On the basis of vEPC, a commercial application with the operator of VEON, he explained benefits, challenges and solutions in this case. In conclusion, ZTE NFV Chief Engineer also noted that experienced equipment suppliers are required to assist network operators in the fast, efficient and secure establishment of a new cloud network and successfully complete the transformation of production processes and means of production.

ZTE has its NFV products so far in over 180 commercial as well as POC (proof of concept) projects employed all over the world and Austria working group, Telenor, Telefónica, VEON, Telecom China Mobile and other major network operators together.


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