#ZenfoneMax3: a good battery may be that users buy a #SmartPhone?

Often we only focus on the most popular brands, those that everyone knows and have big marketing budgets, forgetting that there are several manufacturers of mobile devices that have striking and interesting.

Time back to have a good smartphone had to invest a lot of money! Given that the gap between high-end SmartPhones, mid and low it was quite wide.

currently, we see more and more manufacturers who want to conquer various parts of the market with a specific offer for each segment. Thus, the final consumer day has more options to choose according to your needs and budget. Following that strategy, brands such as “Asus” bring to the Colombian market teams with good performance at a price that fits the middle range of the market. Teams which, as they say, “not detract or have nothing to envy to the high-end”!.
The #ZenfoneMax3 seems to be a good deal, according to what Asus expert, showed me it includes 4 G LTE connectivity, good processing capability, as powerful battery which is capable of charging another #SmartPhone (via USB cable inverted u #OTG) and more… but, so the audience can see details and draw their own conclusions here’s the video ( troubleshooting to view the following video on the #ZenfoneMax3 click here ).

a first glance is that the terminal is:

  • thin,
  • powerful (at the level of charge),
  • is a good detail of the fingerprint reader.

the remarkable thing about the Asus #ZenfoneMax3

1 – the design of a single body made of aluminum is very elegant, comfortable, with good finishes and without sharp edges.

2 – security and convenience in the access to the #SmartPhone and their information is something that looks for large part of the users. Many people hate having to learn a new password to access the phone!  Therefore, Asus has included a fingerprint reader to control the access to the #ZenfoneMax3.

3 – terminal has a 4100 mAh battery, which reaches to give and speechwriters (up to charge other #SmartPhones through the inverted USB cable or #OTG).

4 – the behaviour of the front and rear camera is expected in conditions of good lighting and stability (nothing out of the ordinary). Now when the lighting is low and pulse of the photographer is not the best, the focus begins to have problems and noise appears in the images (which happens in many midrange terminals).

The #App of camera is basically “all toys” to help the most inexperienced to achieve good photographs. Only thing missing to a certain extent, is having a dual camera settings to make the catch and then adjust the pronunciation depth of field (such as can be done in some equipment from Huawei, Apple and other brands).

5 – the #ZenfoneMax3 supports dual SIM (for those who need to use two different subscribers every day) or a SIM + card to expand the memory via microSD card.

what could be improved about the Asus #ZenfoneMax3

1 – the resolution fails to be Full HD (only gets to 1280 x 720 pixels) for some purists or artists (with a very exquisite vision), the same content may be slightly distorted.

2 – terminal has a very large battery that takes enough to recharge (because it lacks fast load options).

3 – in games where the use of 3d graphics is high may be loss of frames.

4 – the #ZenfoneMax3 performance is average, according to the #Benchmark of #AnTuTu, not stands out against other competitors in the middle range.

5 – unfortunately this #SmartPhone does not support USB-C for data synchronization.

Dimensions : 149.5 x 73.71 x 8.5 mm, weight
: 148 gr,
display : 5. 2″, resolution
: HD 1280 x 720,
processor : MTK MT6737V/C, Quad-Core CPUs, RAM
: 2GB,
memory internal : 16GB, rear camera
: 13MP,
front camera : 5MP , Operating system
: Marshmallow (6 +), drums
: 4100 mAh, the #ZenfoneMax3 Li-ion is a terminal with a battery of outstanding and attractive appearance aimed at users of range mean that it does not want to worry about sparing the use of load in their day to day work. Thus, it is an option for those who want to consume content (with HD resolution), surf 4 g, take “one to another photo” and maintain control over the access information from phones using a fingerprint reader.

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