YouTube invests in the creation of content itself

I have already written it in previous articles on the interest of Apple to create own content and thereby be able to access a market with great potential for the future where existing platforms are experiencing great growth and analysis is that it has much future to the detriment of the silly display , television. And is now YouTube one of the platforms of Google, where users can upload their own content, which goes to join with their own productions to this market with so much potential. time will have to talk if a bubble is being generated, or if on the other hand, it is a sector growing and many possibilities, the truth is that all the greats are entering the battle.

 YouTube invests in the creation of own content YouTube network, payment option to see series

Youtube focus great efforts in creating the content itself

from the platform have announced plans to produce a series of original programs from this same year in a clear move strategic whereby the video site owned by Google moves to counter the rising tide of premium such as Netflix, Amazon and Hulu streaming services. The difference in approach original content from YouTube is that their programs will be on their website and in their applications through a format compatible with ads instead of being linked to the subscription service of YouTube network no advertising $9.99. It was announced

billions of dollars investment into a sector with great potential

the company will make an investment of several million dollars in more than 40 programs and original movies over the next year. YouTube hopes high-level stars appear in the content and that this in turn will get attract advertisers more great to sponsor programming. As they have moved from the own company “are working with stars of the platform and celebrities that we know that they have a global appeal, an attractive for advertisers and are widely established on the platform”, said Susanne Daniels, Director of original content from YouTube.

 YouTube invests in the creation of own content Fernando de el Moral and Apple 5 × 1, one of the stars of YouTube in Spain

star to launch own YouTube production

and are already working on it, YouTube has engaged to comedian Kevin Hart and Ellen DeGeneres TV presenter as their first two high profile celebrities. The Hart show will be a series based on exercises, while DeGeneres program will give fans a “look” behind the scenes in the elaboration of its programme. Katy Perry and Demi Lovato also announced shows ‘behind the scenes’ YouTube while Ryan Seacrest, television and radio, confirmed their participation in a music contest called “Best.Cover.Ever”, which will debut on the platform at the end of this year.

what do you think about the YouTube input in the production of own content niche? We want to know your opinion, share it with us.

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