Your brain: the next interface

when in the same week 2 of the people more powerful in the world talk about the same topic, I think that it is time to pay attention. And this week Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk agreed to talk about our future as cyborgs and as the following user interface will be directly our thinking.
Within the framework of the second day of the F8 Zuckeberg & company left behind the cartoons and the puppets of a virtual world to get serious. They spoke of connectivity, mixed reality and – -boom! – towards the end of the keynote spoke of a new human-machine interface that we can control our devices with the mind. 

Regina Dugan is the Director of the mysterious Building 8, your workplace on Facebook is the most radical technology possible. Dugan was Director of research of DARPA (the arm of the American Ministry of Defense technology research) and Advanced Technology and Projects Division (ATAP ) Google and it is possible the person with greater understanding of what the future holds for us, simply because it has been building for several years.

In his presentation (which can be seen from the 68 minute video) Dugan showed a demo of an interface non-invasive, allowing to write 100 words per minute using only the mind, without need to implement anything inside the skull. 

The idea is that monitoring brain waves to generate commands that a computer interpreter as well as today interprets the click of the mouse, pressing a key, or the touch with a finger. 

The most interesting is that Dugan hopes to have a functional prototype in less than 2 years. 

Yesterday’s Elon Musk – the visionary founder of PayPal, Tesla, SolarCity and SpaceX – announced his new company: Neuralink .

His (sole) focus is “develop ultra high bandwith interfaces to connect humans and computers”

to Musk the only way that as humans we are kept above the Artificial Intelligence (rather than has listed as more dangerous than nuclear weapons ) is combining our brain with electronics and computers directly.

The dream is almost like what is seen in The Matrix. Power load knowledge immediately in any person, to connect to the internet directly from the brain for information without relying on a phone or computer and can connect directly to the virtual world, going from a simple Homo Sapiens to a Homo Evolutis a cyborg, a mixture of human and machine.

Musk believes that this technology you need at least 8 years to be functional but as with Space X has surrounded the minds more bright the planet to attack the problems that may come. 

Futurism people made a good video overview of what looks for Neuralink and if you have time and you are interested in the subject, Tim Urban published an article exteeeeeeenso on the subject.

The future is closer than we think.

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