You will learn how to convert your iPhone 7 in a Jet Black

 iPhone 7 Plus glossy black cover

are you one of those people who always dreamed of an iPhone 7 in shiny black (jet black)?  If so, I have great news for you. Last September, Apple introduced its new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus with your new shiny-black (jet black). However, either by limiting the first devices with this color, or the famous micro scratches that could be your phone, many users opted for other options.

If you are one of those users that still remain missing have not been able to choose 7 glossy black iPhone, this will interest you. If you want your iPhone 7 to have a new look in shiny black the cheapest and most convenient method is to opt for one of Totallee Scarf covers .

do not know Totallee Scarf sleeves for the iPhone?

for those who do not know Totallee pillowcases, tell them that we have one of the manufacturers of accessories for Apple’s devices more prominent because of the size of their covers. We are talking about some super thin covers for iPhone . Although we are not against the first manufacturer of fine cases for Apple devices, is the first to create a cover under the new shiny-black (jet black) featured by Apple in September Keynote. “

 iPhone with cover 7 black glossy jet black

importantly, this will cover Totallee Scarf is very (very) fine, more than fine covers of some manufacturers, such as Shumuri. Its finish is a sleeve which not only highlights its color also. It is built as if we were in a completely smooth material and very well maintained, extremely thin, so much that you will feel as if your iPhone does not take anything over. Many people define this cover as a sticker that you paste into the body of your iPhone 7 . Totallee Scarf cover is built to the mm so it can fit perfectly into all rounded areas or holes that has our terminal (unevenness of edges, the camera and audio outputs at the bottom, edge of the LED flash, etc.)

the importance of a cover is protection?

many people who read this article may wonder, if we have an extremely thin case, will protect us the iPhone?. There is no perfect case, for many people the most important is protection of your device, for others simply design. While it is true that all covers cover (to a greater or lesser extent), as finer is, lower protection . We can not require a fine cover the safety of a case more robust and better prepared for the big fall or impact. However, this case also will protect your iPhone 7 with a never before seen appearance . “

 iPhone with cover 7 black glossy jet black

thanks to the cover Totallee Scarf will have the look of a glossy black iPhone (jet black) and protection from scratches or simply protection from the famous micro abrasions from the original model jet black by 7 of Apple iPhone.

you can have the appearance of a new 7 glossy black iPhone, an incredible touch and protection of small dings, scratches or micro abrasions . A sleeve that will transform your iPhone 7 to the point that you need to get close enough to be able to differentiate an iPhone 7 original glossy black cover.

it is cheap and where I can buy it?

this cover is cheap when compared with other options we can get on the web your price is 20 Euro (both for 7 iPhone and iPhone 7 Plus). To be able to acquire it, have multiple options as for example their page official website (where you will find detailed information about this cover your company’s), or directly from Amazon . “

 cover iPhone 7 jet black

in my opinion, we have a cover that surprise you enough, both in the section aesthetic touch section, its extreme thickness will make you feel that your iPhone is going without any protection, but really we have good protection against rubbing or scratching . All this under the famous bright black color and with the guarantee of a company like Totallee. If you don’t like jet black color, we also have a version matte black and a multitude of variables in terms of color ( white, red, green, blue etc.)

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