You will arrive in September although in limited units

Apple still has doubts about the name of the next iPhone to be released in September

the people of Barclays has published a new and interesting report which confirmed some of the highlights of what will be the next smartphone from the guys at Cupertino iPhone 8 . Some of these already read them in other rumors, but in addition, also refers to his availability next September, however will be in very limited units .

According to analysts, they claim that Apple is still considering the likely name of the new smartphone, is called iPhone 8 however does not exclude the idea of that iPhone can be called X, Pro iPhone or iPhone Edition . In addition, there is also the idea that, with this model, also be released expected iPhone 7s and iPhone Plus 7s.

In an excerpt from the note to investors made by Barclays stated the following:

providers generally had good things that tell about the upcoming release of the iPhone 8 (for our purposes iPhone 7s, 7s Plus iPhone and iPhone Pro), since new features drive a more complicated manufacturing process and ASP higher. We now believe that the three devices will have wireless charges and will be thrown during the normal September, although the majority of iPhone Pro volumes may not be available until the fourth quarter.

So will be the next iPhone 8 according to Barclays

among the novelties on the next phone from Apple only get some confirmation of what we have been hearing during recent months, for example:

  • the device will feature a screen OLED 5.8 inch functional area and virtual Home button.
  • You will have the ability to charge via wireless.
  • It will have sensors integrated under the screen.
  • It comes with an improved photo camera.
  • New design with slightly curved screen and no edges on the front.

8 iPhone availability will be very limited

in regards to the availability of the new mobile device of the Californian firm, iPhone 8, should be available from next month of September 2017 however the number of units that will come to the market have been defined as “reassess”, at least during the first few weeks of release. It is likely that this situation would improve by the end of year, at least according to analysts.

do you think actually Apple released new iPhone 8 in limited units ?

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