You switch to Mac? You clarify all doubts

are you tired of your PC to go to less in a matter of one or two years since you bought it? Are you tired of paying for an antivirus? doubts if you decide and finally buy a Mac? here I give you the reasons why you should choose a Mac.

why to buy a Mac?

there are many reasons that may tip the balance towards the purchase of a Mac than a PC, here I’ll give you a few that I hope will help you make a decision.

invest in a durable product: how long your last PC has lasted you? The last laptop that I had before my MacBook Air at 2 or 3 years had lost much speed, the laptop that I had previously just. Windows requires many updates, is filled with remnants of programs that go installing and deleting, so the system is dragging lots of memory. Obviously, he chose those devices for the price, but I did realize that after two years would have to invest in another. Tired of all this, I decided on a Mac, two and a half years later are as fluid and fast as the first day.

invest in an excellent after-sales service and technical assistance: Apple is famous for its products but their service after sales is not far behind. The service that makes the Apple Store workers is excellent. Go to collect or buy a product is a delight. If we have a problem after buying a device you serve no doubt and with all his kindness. If you are dissatisfied with your product, they let you return without having to give much explanation (always within the time allowed). I have only had good experience and still do not know anyone who tells me otherwise.

 iMac and MacBook Pro iMac and MacBook Pro

are buying a product designed especially for itself: Apple designs its software and its hardware. Everything is designed by and for themselves. The software works perfectly on that hardware, updates focus on usability and protection, designed exclusively for themselves. You know that everything you have, in terms of operating system, on your computer go perfectly well as it is conceived, designed and embedded especially for that hardware.

usability: do you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod? All Apple devices are perfectly synchronized. You can move music, videos or documents in one click or even have it all synchronized, to return to reading or writing something on a device when you started in another.

 MacBook with macOS Sierra MacBook with macOS saw

invest in a secure computer: expensive antivirus is finished. “It is that Mac has no virus…” See, some there are hovering, and as more users get more thugs will be eager to touch noses. Even so, few there are and with to install any antivirus from time to time to analyze your computer, will be more than enough. In addition, remember that the best antivirus is using the computer with head. If you want to know a little more about this topic, I recommend that you take a look at this article. 

I have already purchased a Mac, will know to use it?

of course . Everything in this life is a matter of practice, you take many years with Windows and you are now facing a different operating system, but e n days you’ve forgotten Windows assure you. macOS is one of the most intuitive operating systems that I could never test . Almost anything that intuitively leave you make, will be effective in with macOS. Obviously, you’ll have some Windows own hobbies, but forget them quickly.

 Apple MacBook Pro 2016

in macOS everything seems cleaner, more ordered. applications are all in a space only and we can sort the dock with what we want to be within reach of a click. It is not only an operating system more intuitive, but it adapts much to you.

use a MacBook or iMac is comfortable, practical and pleasant. Need more reasons to come to Apple? If you still have doubts to buy a Mac, leave your question in the comments box and we will help you.

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