Xperia XZ premium: Sony headphones worth $299 free

Sony’s is get pre-order new flagship Xperia XZ premium from June to a non-binding price of 749 euros in commercially available. The Android -smartphone from Sony comes with motion eye camera and 4K-HDR-Display and was the end of February on the MWC in Barcelona officially presented . Sony’s can be pre-ordered as of May 5, there is information on the Sony Web site starting May 2 . At O2, however, it can already pre-order from 2 May. Customers receive the device then from 1st June, O2 now announced. When ordering during the promotion period until May 31 high resolution headphones worth $299 is a Sony special action free the Sony MDR-100ABN. “

 Sony Xperia XZ premium with Sony h.ear on wireless headphones (image: Sony). Sony Xperia XZ premium with Sony h.ear on wireless headphones (image: Sony).

customers who purchased the Xperia XZ premium during the promotion period, must register their pre-order – with proof of purchase to 31 July on the Sony Web site and get sent to the headphone affiliated free in the color of their choice within 45 days of registration by mail.

at O2, interested parties can buy the Xperia XZ premium with a free tariff O2 as well as regardless of the conclusion of the contract or extension at O2. Without tariff, SIM-lock or branding costs once the Smartphone 745 euro and 1 euro over 24 month rates to 31 euros can be paid for once off request. It is available in black and chrome.

along with a free S O2 tariff with 1 GB high speed data volume euros the Xperia XZ premium Sony monthly 53,49. In combination with the O2 free M, customers receive for 58.49 EUR per month until 30th June 4 GB instead of 2 GB data volume. For frequent surfers, the rates of O2 free offer on L and XL. As for the O2 free an increase of data volume from 6 GB to 8 GB L fare by booking with the high-end Smartphone until 30 June 65,99 Euro monthly. For the O2 free XL tariff in conjunction with the Xperia XZ premium pay customers 73,49 Euro per month and get 8 GB for surfing, streaming and chat. For all bundle offers, the customer shall pay a euro once.

in all O2 free tariffs can customers surf need the volume of high speed data endlessly with up to 1 Mbit / s. When booking online, customers receive also 12 months 5 Euro discount on the monthly fee.

the Sony Xperia XZ Premium offers a 5.5-inch – 4 K-HDR-display, which dissolves 2160 times 3840 pixels. The dynamic contrast HDR should together with the X-reality for mobile-enhancement of Sony in the Sun provide the full brightness of the Triluminos screen. The Cabinet is made of Corning Gorilla glass 5. The fingerprint scanner is integrated into the on – / off switch side.

in the 19-mega pixel camera the new motion eye technology is in addition to the triple-sensor technology and the five-axis image stabilization in addition used. With the motion eye camera to for example less distortion at photos of moving objects occur because the image sensor quickly saves the recordings. Also during the video recording should be the high processing speed of the image sensor of great benefit. With a simple click, the slow motion mode can be activated in the recording, recorded a sequence with 960 frames per second for five seconds.

in photography mode of the camera of the new Xperia XZ premium also predictive shooting is possible. To do this, four photos are created when the in quick succession, from which the user can then select the best image and save. This function is automatically set in the default configuration. The image sensor also comes with larger pixels and is more sensitive to light, what specifically should enable even better shots in low light. The 13 megapixel with a light-sensitive Sony Exmor RS front camera sensor is responsible for Selfies.

the device powered by an Octacore processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 with Mali 540 GPU, 4 GB of RAM to the page are. The 64 GB internal memory can be extended by up to 256 GB using MicroSD cards. Technically microSD cards with up to 2 TByte memory can be read, they are on the market but not yet available.

USB 3.1 type C connector, allowing the Smartphone can be connected and charged, is permitted without the cover. If the device contact with water had this USB port must be dried until completely before the Smartphone can be charged.

a headset is connected, it automatically adjusts the audio settings to secure the best possible sound in hi res quality the user, so the manufacturer.

as OS is Android 7.0 nougat. In addition, the Assistant software was updated by Sony. With its action modes, recurring usage pattern can be detected and easily automated. So the user can one for example “focus Wizard” Setup, which automatically blocks during the day all notifications at work not to be distracted. In “good night” mode, the Xperia XZ premium can in the evening to reduce the brightness of the screen, turn off the sound, and remind you to set an alarm for the next morning. All modes can be individually adjusted by the user, and it can be activated.

with his 3230 mAh large battery including quick charge function can last up to two days’s Smartphone flagship under normal use according to the manufacturer. The Xperia XZ premium weighs 198 grams and measures 8 mm 156 times 77 times times. It is water – and dust-proof according to IP65/684. All connections and covers must be firmly closed to do so. However, the device must not be taken with sea water, salt water, chlorinated water or drinks and similar fluids in contact.

the wireless h.ear on wireless headphones (Sony MDR-100ABN) offers high resolution and noise cancelling. The integrated headset function allows you to accept calls and control the music title. The maximum battery life of up to 20 hours, as well as the stylish design should make the Sony MDR-100ABN the perfect daily companion not only for music lovers.


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