Xerox provides fundamentally renewed printer portfolio before

the Phaser brand and history are at Xerox WorkCentre. You be replaced in the medium term by the new sub brand “AltaLink” for the field of smaller working groups and “VersaLink” for which the larger work groups. The step was announced this week at an event at the European headquarters of Xerox in Uxbridge for London. Dealing with the manufacturer but much more than an update of the product portfolio, he sees the step as a complete fresh start after the splitting the company Xerox and Conduent at the beginning of the year.

at first glance, the announcement kills: 29 different printers at once presented – from simple black and white printers up to the complex multifunction device with various finishing options. 10 of firsts, five pure black and white units and 5 color printer, the series belong to AltaLink 19 of the higher-based series VersaLink . The latter 12 A4 printers, another 7 are suitable for A3 printing. All should come during this quarter on the market.

uniform strategy for BB´s printer portfolio

the new Xerox portfolio is however clear when the announcement first it suggests. Because the manufacturer uses only two different controllers (one for each line) and has significantly reduced the number of different printing works and the required consumables. Target is not to cover specific needs with individual designed devices, but to create a platform on which other offers Xerox and its – can then put on new partnerships with the hardware.

 Xerox AltaLink C8055 (image: Xerox) the AltaLink C8055 is a representative of Xerox AltaLink series, which will replace the Phaser range (picture: Xerox).

special requirements for the pressure it can stay on the track, the manufacturer does endorsement in purchase. First victim the ColorQube, currently only the model was popular in the ColorCube 8900 that is quite solid ink at specific customer groups but also only is there and quite a big success despite several attempts remained as early as 1991 denied since the development of the solid ink. Passes it off now – probably later this year -, to the exact schedule has Tracey Koziol, Senior Vice President at workplace solutions Xerox, at the press event in London not said yet.

but: where is planed, da chips fall. The visible in large parts of workpiece at Xerox is called ConnectKey . What is common to all 29 new ideas and making the Xerox devices from the printer to the workplace Assistant behind. Or as Koziol puts it: “the printer is no longer the device is in a dusty corner of the Office, but it is central part of the work.”

 the operating concept of the new Xerox printer (picture: Xerox) the operating concept of the new Xerox printer and the target app eco-system reminiscent of the of Samsung approach is for its high-end devices, pursued stretches but in contrast to on all models of the new generation (picture: Xerox) should be possible

that this , assuming that Xerox no longer sees its hardware first and foremost as pressure equipment, but as a platform for various activities, which rather randomly even can – print although according to Koziol in better quality, but these improvements are faster and more efficient than the Phaser and WorkCentre predecessor, almost as a matter of course.

NFC and OCR SDK more important than number of pages per minute

wants to see Xerox at least in the first step in detail, in the center represents the manufacturer rather the new and unified control options, support for NFC (for example with the Smartphone on them to authenticate) as well as the ability to devices with apps on the one hand both to adapt work processes in companies , as to align, the devices used by several employees each to the need of the person that just use them.

 the capacitive touch screen and the about accessible app eco-system are essential building blocks of the Xerox strategy for the series AltaLink and VersaLink (image: the capacitive touch screen and the about accessible app eco-system are essential building blocks of the Xerox strategy for the series AltaLink and VersaLink (image:

to Xerox offers already app Gallery a number of own apps for free to start in his , also can create more partners and receive a SDK. It exercised have already the s dox AG from Leipzig, the British company Xeretec and JustTech from the United States. You use the opportunities among other things to facilitate support operations in managed print scenarios and offered their apps to other distributors of Xerox as licenses.

there are also first offers to simplify document-based processes in medical practices in the United States and Finland. Xerox promotes these partners substantial – even if their apps ultimately cause in many cases, less will be printed. It is believed the trend apparently anyway not being able to stop and so you will benefit at least from digital editing. It requires no Commission for providing Xerox app providers in its “app Gallery”, but only checks to see that they meet the requirements and are business-critical. The advantage for Xerox ultimately is that his – and in particular his new devices – are the basis for which it can’t do without.

pressure equipment as a platform, app eco-system as a trump card

that is app eco-system – due – be available for older appliances and work. The first presented in autumn WorkCentre 3335 Xerox WorkCentre include and 3345, that support also NFC and in which Xerox sure at the then-Xerox Phaser 3330 a radically simplified operating concept at the Center had already shown A4 printer.

 in the new generation which are the Xerox devices from the printer to the in the new generation which are the Xerox devices from the printer to the”workplace Assistant”(image: Xerox)

a more technical innovation, which already shown in the past year and is used in the new models expected to be (at least partly) , which is Super fine EA called toner by Xerox. Xerox had offered the until then only for its digital printing systems .

which should as well be, that now also pictures a quality is achieved with laser, because the Xerox itself Office sees also in the medium term no need for inkjet technology at the print and that it may have led to, to abandon the trials with solid ink. Expressly confirm didn’t want Koziol is a Xerox Manager on demand by though, but denies she has it either. You can learn more this certainly in the course of the product launches to be expected for the next few months.

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