Xamarin Live Player will allow Windows users to test apps in iOS

today Microsoft has just launched Xamarin Live Player an application for iOS. This will allow developers to use Windows test their applications for iOS Xamarin made on a real device. A feature that until now was reserved only for macOS users.

Microsoft launches Xamarin Live Player

so far, the developers could only try iOS applications on real devices if they had a Mac with Xcode .

a from now, Windows users will also be able test their applications in a real iOS device. Although that Yes, the application must have been developed with Xamarin, which is now integrated into Visual Studio . Which by the way, is worth commenting that now Visual Studio is also available for Mac .

in addition there is another drawback, and is testing the app is not as easy as in Xcode . In the official Apple IDE is as simple as connecting your iPhone, iPad or iPod to Mac and give the “Play” button in Xcode. However, with Xamarin Live Player the thing is different for function uses a little trick. Xamarin Live player the first step will be install the app on your device iOS . Then we bind the app with Visual Studio, and now it can compile and send the app to your device.

 Xamarin Live Player for iOS Xamarin Live Player for iOS.

is easy to develop applications for iOS if you don’t have a Mac?

the answer is no. If it is true that hybrid application programming tools Ionic and Xamarin to facilitate the task of programming, they do not at all easy. Although the new Xamarin Live Player will allow test apps if you use Windows, this is not possible with Linux. In addition, the thing is complicated if you want to program the app with native technology.

but that is not the worst thing. If you develop an application it is to sell it. But how you put on sale? Obviously through the App Store and that’s where the problems come…

to compile and submit an app to the AppStore is necessary to have installed Xcode without depending on whether the app is native or hybrid. “The problem is that Xcode only is available for macOS by which to distribute the app officially need a Mac

 Xcode so far is the only official way to upload applications to the App Store. Xcode so far is the only official way to upload applications to the App Store.


therefore, for those who want to develop applications for iOS macOS, tvOS or watchOS it is necessary to have a Mac although increasingly is universalizing little by little. But for now, it is necessary to have a Mac, there are alternatives virtual machines or Hackintosh .

what do you think? do you think that it could benefit Apple in allowing developers to test and publish apps from Windows or Linux?

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