Would you like to learn how to use your Mac with VoiceOver?

have ever heard ever voiceover on Mac? do you know what is this tool offered by Apple? Here we tell you all the details and how you can start using it.

what is VoiceOver?

translated literally the expression to the Spanish is ‘voice over’. What we find is actually a narration or ‘voice’ of what’s currently on our Mac. display VoiceOver allows users with visual disabilities to control your computer through a large set of gestures and keyboard commands.

ask you Siri to do so by us is the most practical way to activate this utility on a Mac with a single command is made. From there, whenever we move the cursor by any party screen a voice we will read and describe what you us recognizes. Even so can too going to accessibility in the system preferences and activate it from there. 

 VoiceOver Mac activate VoiceOver on Mac with Siri

own voiceover Guide

once we have activated VoiceOver ‘ Welcome to VoiceOver’ message will appear on your screen and will be read by the newly activated utility of our Mac. this welcome offer us a Guide to learn how to use it , with small demos and exercises to get the party to this new way of using your computer.

 Welcome to VoiceOver Welcome screen to VoiceOver

is highly recommended if you’ve never used the utility and want to get the most press ‘SPACEBAR’ as shown in the command of the Welcome screen and follow the Quick Start Guide Mac tool so that you can make you the most and help you interact with your computer in a new way.

 Quick Start Guide in VoiceOver

what happens when activated?

when the voice of Mac support is enabled you can use the commands to navigate and interact with the different items on the screen. You can activate commands using a combination of keys. you can assign VoiceOver commands to numeric, alphabetical, keyboard keys of a Braille display or even gestures on the trackpad. “

 VoiceOver commands VoiceOver commands in the menu

when you move the cursor around the screen can hear descriptions of items in which the cursor is located. with the course can select different controls and buttons, read and edit text.

how to read the contents of a time?


If you find yourself facing a document with text like VoiceOver read you the contents in full on that page, you can select the full text and narration begins. If while reading you need a break, just need to pause narration: you can press the Control key, or if you use gestures make a press with two fingers on your trackpad, to resume the narrative repeats the gesture you have done. Even so, it is important to know that if you have moved the cursor during the pause, the narration will resume where the cursor is. If you’ve missed in VoiceOver that said you can press Command + Z to repeat the last word or phrase read.

VoiceOver is available on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and AppleTV

Apple devices are prepared so everyone can use it independent of our Visual, auditory or physical capabilities. all devices have the tool of accessibility we can activate and edit according to our needs so that we can all enjoy the same technology and make him the most. Enjoy your devices by removing them all the party that you want and more.  

on the Apple website, you can find a guide to VoiceOver. Let it here  Apple products can follow the start guide quick on your Mac or well get advice from professionals in your Genius Bar nearest and enjoy the most of your device. And don’t hesitate to leave us your experience in the comments box.

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