Workflow is updated to recover lost functions

long ago received the news to Apple acquired the application of automation in iOS. as well as rumor that Apple could not return to update the application since its acquisition, there was this rumor finally not been fulfilled since Apple updated Workflow recovering functions that had lost .

today Workflow has been updated to its latest version

the application acquired by Apple has been updated today to version 1.7.4, returning to introduce features that had been deleted before the acquisition of the application by the Cupertino company. In addition, added actions related to Apple Music .

what is Workflow?

the word Workflow means in Spanish ‘workflow’ which makes it quite clear what kind of activity you can do with this tool. This application is automation-centric. The application can be used to create variety of workflows a to be able to get a series of tasks. You can create GIFs from pictures, get images from a web page, calculate your own or even publish images in different social networks at the same time, among many other things. You can download Workflow here . “

 Workflow iOS Workflow for iOS

with the purchase of the application a number of functions

had been lost when the Cupertino bought Workflow last March, many of their actions were deleted . Features such as support for Google Chrome or Pocket application have now been recovered and those workflows that include these applications are functional again. In addition to these applications, update includes new actions for those users of Apple Music . Now we have the option ‘Add music in the next track’ or ‘Delete this track’, which automates adding content in our Apple Music playlist.

Despite these new added features, yet still having some outside workflow tool. All those actions that contain Maps are exclusive use in Apple Maps and text translation only works with own Microsoft translation services. Finally, actions involving applications like Uber, Telegram or LINE will still be available with this new update. “

 Workflow iOS Workflow for iOS

what does this new update?

between different aspects to take into account Workflow fixed various bugs. here have renewed and updated elements complete list:

    • ‘Get Distance’ now supports facilitate the distance from a point of departure in particular.
    • the order of the items passes a dictionary action can be chosen from a list now stored in the application.
    • fixed the action of obtaining prices of books in search of the iTunes Store.
    • fixed the creation of files with special characters in the file name on those devices with iOS 10.3 and later.
    • fixed an issue where the workflows of today Widget would be lengthened and cut.
    • fixed a problem in the format of the representation of the latitude and longitude of certain international locations.
    • fixed an issue that prevented opening files .wflow to open in iOS 10.3 or later.
    • fixed an issue that caused that the format of the URLs in a Board cause the application will close.
    • fixed an issue that caused that elements sought by the boolean method will not be updated.
    • fixed a problem to leave content on the Board from the Widget today and the Extension of action, this error was that the Board file could not be opened.
    • fixed a bug that would cause that Workflow is closed when you try to open.

    do know Workflow? Have you ever used this app on occasion? Tell us about your experience in the comments box.

    via MacRumors

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