With this external battery can charge your iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneously

users who are usually away from home or away from an outlet know what deal every day with our multiple electronic equipment battery .
That is why on many occasions we must use an external battery to get without any problems at the end of the day.
And despite the impressive progress that offer electronic devices, it seems that the batteries do not evolve in the same way.

to the enormous amount of options that can be found in the market, adds a new battery external, it gives us an alternative to load more than interesting.

 external battery for your computers BatteryPro, an excellent choice for your iPhone and Apple Watch BatteryPro

a very versatile external battery

ElevationLab hand we get an accessory that promises to be something more than a external battery for your iPhone since also allows to load our Apple Watch simultaneously.

with a total capacity of 8000 mAh and quite gotten dimensions (similar to an iPhone 7), we will have more than enough to charge our iPhone, Apple Watch and other accessories without problems.
Account with an output of 2.4 mAh with what you get in our devices fast charging. You can in a few minutes to recover a good percentage of battery.

the BatteryPro is not the first external battery that allows to simultaneously load an Apple Watch and an iPhone . “We can find alternatives as the Kanex GoPower for $70 (although with half capacity than the ElevationLab model)

 external battery for iPhone and Apple Watch BaterryPro, a battery external resistant and functional

as most of these accessories, it is possible to load any device thanks to its USB port almost .
But stand out from the rest by having a port of loading magnetic that allows to load without problems a Apple Watch (from 38 or 42 mm).

as additional feature, see your build quality is very good and has excellent resistance . Enabling you to charge our devices while we enjoy a day free.

availability of the BatteryPro

from ElevationLab have made the announcement of the product, and has launched the pre-sale . Offering a 20% discount for the first buyers.
Priced at $99 or $79,20 If you access to discount, you can get an external battery with an extra for your iPhone and Apple Watch.

in addition to this external battery, ElevationLab has an interesting ranges of accessories.
Thus we find load for iPhone Dock, workstation for iPad Pro, a charge cradle for Apple Watch, and accessory for your headphones Magic Mouse and Apple Pencil .
Some of these accessories now have a discounted and international shipping.

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