With #MoveTrack not again lose their objects or pets!

lo Wow on the #MoveTrack

  • allows you to connect objects and pets to the internet to track them in real time,
  • is resistant to water and dust,
  • is compatible with iOS and Android.

The Mmm… on the #MoveTrack

  • is not easy to determine the balance of the mobile data plan,
  • has problems of location indoors,
  • sometimes releases satellite.

For whom?

The Alcatel #MoveTrack is oriented to a select audience of users who need to track, in real time (via a SmartPhones with operating system Android or iOS) to pets, bikes, keys, or other objects of value. 

Do you ever wish to know where you left your keys? When his bike left the place where it was supposed that it should be? Where would your pet go?

Maybe some of the questions above are very common and, often, the answer is not as simple as one would like but, according to Alcatel, tracking objects and pets people could do in a very simple way in a connected world. Now, the big question is:

how connect objects and pets that do not belong to the Internet of things (IoT)?

Recently Alcatel and clear launched #MoveTrack, a device GPS Locator that allows monitoring in real-time to pets, bicycles or belongings like wallets, suitcases and others. The #gadget which, at first glance, seems a kind of kids watch (water and dust resistant), inside have a modem that transmits data (on the same location) via the mobile network.

Difficult is to use the #Movetrack?

To use the #MoveTrack don’t need to be a nuclear scientist nor the more well versed in the use of technology; simply follow the following steps:

1 – insert the nano SIM within the #MoveTrack by removing the back cover of the device,

2-once insured housing, must be turn on the device and make sure it is hooked and receiving data,

4 – open the #App and register.

5 – Add the #MoveTrack in question and set up the details above: frequency, pressure and safe areas.

How does the #MoveTrack work?

Nothing better than talking to product expert to understand the details of the #MoveTrack. troubleshooting to view the following video about the General characteristics of the #MoveTrack, click here.

What’s in the box of the #MoveTrack?

The experience with the Alcatel #MoveTrack

device is colorful and accessories have a few very bright colors, which can be good or bad, depending on the point of view of the user. My use case is in particular related to the bike, which I bought recently, and I try to care about a way to avoid that “the friends of the alien” is not stealing it. Therefore, I generally use the #MoveTrack with sky blue accessory to make you constantly monitor the movements of the same. Now well; given the size and color of this accessory, is almost impossible to hide it on a non visible point of “bike”.

the possibility of setting up so-called “safe areas” (where the object connected to the internet by means of the #MoveTrack “in theory” must stay within a certain perimeter) is very useful to be able to track to a objective in particular for certain periods of time. Thus, if in the worst case, bicycle out of the parking office or my home unless I turn off the “safe zone”, the “MoveTrack” automatically will begin to send me alerts (with temporality and precision previously configured) on the new position.

now, many devices of the Internet of things in its first generation have your aches and pains and the #MoveTrack is no exception! Although it is not very common, there are moments where either the location indoors or failures of connectivity, the device fails to connect to the satellite and, therefore, not transmitted alerts or the location of the same.

470mAh of the MoveTrack battery has an approximate duration of 5 days, but that depends on the frequency in which notifications are used.

In general, experience with the device is pleasant but takes a time correctly configure the frequency and accuracy of notifications for each use case because, in principle, both the battery of the #MoveTrack and the #SmartPhone were affected by the frequency of these alerts.

Characteristics of the #MoveTrack

in the particular case of the first version of the #MoveTrack, the manufacturer decided to incorporate the following specifications:

  • band: GSM 850/1900,
  • type of SIM Card: Nano SIM,
  • processor: of a single-core,
  • battery: Li-ion, protection
  • 470mAh: IP67 against dust and water,

  • compatibility with iOS and Android devices.

The #MoveTrack is a device of the Internet of things with a winning idea for a specific niche of users with the need to track in real-time to pets, bikes, keys, or other objects of value. Now well; Although the user experience is pleasant, since it is the first version of this type of gadget, as it is natural, you have some options to improve in the following versions, but note that Alcatel is on the right track, since, even according to the brand, are constantly sending update to the “firmware”, via mobile data.

rating 7/10

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