Witbox Go!, the new printer BQ used with mobile

 Witbox Go! the Spanish company BQ.

during the day, the Spanish company BQ has announced two new models of smartphones and a new model of printer. This new 3D printer called Witbox Go!. A printer that is within the Witbox family but with a price low and affordable for all.

However, the strengths of Witbox Go! aren’t the price or the low cost of its components but its compatibility with Android or its built-in communications which offer better performance. And not saying, unlike other models, Witbox Go! It is one of the safest 3D printers that exists.

in the first place Witbox Go! It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor to operate something that does not have any 3D printer. This allows that Android, the mobile operating system, this present on this model of printer. New BQ 3D printer also supports wireless, bluetooth and NFC enabling us to be able to connect any device to the 3D printer and print through it. Needless to say that the having of Android, Witbox Go! It will work perfectly with any Android smartphone.

BQ has also prepared special features for this release. The first of them is the inclusion of NFC tags to coils, allowing the 3D printer to recognize any type of official strand, adjusting parameters to the material and saving this.

Witbox Go! It is the first printer 3D with Android and updates via OTA

software has also been renewed on this occasion. BQ has launched Zetup, new software that will work with WitBox Go! . this new software is optimized and simplified so that any user, either novice or well expert, can use any 3D printer. Old 3D printing programmes will also be compatible with this 3D printer.

security is another of the strong points of Witbox Go! This printer model takes into account pressure bed and other elements to work in such a way that if we got it wrong, or customize the bed, BQ printer will not work. Once you have finished printing, the presence of filament sensor stops her when this is done and the extruder sensor pause if the hotend is blocked .

the measures of the new 3D printer are 30 x 25 x 48 cm, weighs 5 kg of weight and 14 x 14 x 14 cm printing volume . Possibly last esto is the big drawback of this model of printer, as large parts are becoming scarce. Within a few days will be on sale this new printer at the price of €590,90 a typical reduced price of a printer like the Prusa but with improvements and a proprietary printer technology.

in any case, as many other models, the true valuation of the BQ Witbox Go! It will not be until not try it, but all the information point to that will be a model of printer very good 3D do not you think?

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