WinScroll: Limit the mouse cursor in certain areas

with WinScroll, can determine a working area on the desktop, in which you can freely move the cursor of the mouse but outside the permitted area you can access with the mouse. Eg determine an area of 800 x 600 px, within the area is the “Documents” folder, which you will have access, but everything outside the area will be impossible to access with the cursor.

the platform also allows you to create an area determined by the inclusion of coordinates (X and and).

Once downloaded the program from their official website, you run the environment as “Administrator” and you will see how a simple window with a minimalist interface. “

 a platform to protect files and folders a platform to protect files and folders

you can customize coordinates giving values at “X” and “And”. Eg determine a value of 200 in ‘X’ and a ‘And’ a value of 100. This means that the mouse will not be able to leave the rectangle created 200 pixels on the right side and 100 pixels from the top. It is very important to understand that the area you determines starts from the left bottom corner.

but if you specify a small area, you can reach you pass that the interface of the platform you have left out of the area and thus you won’t have access to your tools.

now you’re going to teach something very important. close WinScroll when it falls out of the security area! to perform this action there are two methods. The first and most simple, is to access the folder where the WinScroll.exe file is located (important to have it open), to go to the folder using the shortcut Alt + tab, when you select the folder with the arrow keys, place the folder or file and use the mayu+f10 keyboard shortcut and run as administrator environment, the program will start in the specific area of work. “

 to close the program when it is outside of the area to close the program when is outside the area

the second option is to open the Task Manager (Ctrl + Shift + Esc) and are looking for the process of WinScroll.exe with the arrow keys. Once located with the right button of the mouse to access the context menu of the platform (Shift + F10) and end the task.

as you can see the platform it is very easy to use and has very basic options to delimit an area of work with the cursor of the mouse on the desktop . And although these constraints threaten the same simplicity of the environment, in this note have taught you to use the utility with some keyboard shortcuts to increase its performance.

WinScroll is a free program which is available for Windows operating systems.

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