Windows XP has more users than Vista and Windows 8 together

to the main spokesmen for Microsoft, Windows XP is a finished item. On April 8 will mark three years without official support, however, there is still a striking percentage of users that are resistant to change. In January an increase in its adoption report (que ael parecer perdió durante febrero) but an internal report Avast and StatCounter people confirm that XP adds even more users than Vista and Windows 8 together.

there may be a difference of up to ten points among the agencies that are responsible for measuring the adoption of operating systems in the market. One of the most notable examples is Windows 10 according to NetMarketShare is located in the 25 percent, while StatCounter gives you an additional 8 percent. Apart from that gap, one thing is certain: Microsoft expected a meteoric rise of its latest operating system, and after 19 months we see him fighting tooth and nail in each locker. The sad thing is that it is not a generalized fad of the user, but a number of very questionable decisions by Redmond, who spend more by domestic politics as for the technical aspect. One of the consequences is that «hard core» user who refuses to update as a matter of principles, or because the budget does not allow them to improve their hardware. Among them, the preferred operating system remains Windows XP .

six and a half million users in XP. They are not few…

According to a «trends report» posted by the people of Avast for the first quarter of the year, there are six and a half million users [19459008](sobre una base de 116 millones de usuarios de Avast en Windows) that keep XP on their computers, equivalent to the 5.64 percent . Numbers from StatCounter are very similar, and suggest the adoption of the 5.53 per cent for the month of February. In both cases, the percentage of Windows XP exceeds that of Windows Vista and Windows 8 combined . Why is it taken as a reference to these two versions? Mainly by the location of the stand. The original edition of Windows 8 ceased to receive hotfixes in January 2016, and the extended support of Vista ends in two weeks.

Avast report is in line with the StatCounter numbers

Avast report shows other very interesting aspects, such as the most common number of cores in the processor, the amount of memory used, and the adoption of solid state drives. We will leave the below direct link of the Avast servers, in PDF format.

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