Windows Vista will remain unsupported April 11

if there is still some firm user next to its original license Windows Vista needs to know that is very close to the end for that operating system. Its extended support phase will end next April 11 date from which will not receive updates . Identified as one of the greatest in the history of Microsoft errors, Windows Vista has on average 1 per cent of the market therefore, its output will be much less traumatic if compared with the XP .

the debut of Windows Vista in the market was on January 30, 2007, and not needed long to check that the whole project was heading for a precipice . Horrible performance on the hardware available, lack of support and drivers among the manufacturers, the chaos of the «Vista Capable – Vista Ready» the paranoia of the user account Control, the absurd exclusivity of DirectX 10 (que dicho sea de paso, no sumó nada) the systematic denial of Microsoft, the inevitable program «downgrade» to XP , Mojave experiment, its cost… a black time, without a doubt.


the good news is that Windows 7 helped us to leave that behind (por más que Microsoft insista en cortar su cuello a cada momento) although there is something better on road, and is the end of the extended support. Windows Vista will definitely lower stage on April 11. support mainstream was completed in April 2012, but now it is the turn of tying the last loose ends. Several software developers anticipated this, cutting root activity in that operating system. One of the examples more media is Google Chrome, that fell you the thumb to view in April of last year throwing to 49 as the latest compatible version.

with a percentage of market hovering around 1 percent, the best option that Windows Vista users have is to give (como mínimo) the jump to Windows 7, or burn as well as possible to the operating system and follow it until the computer becomes dust. Once in Windows 7, there is the possibility of to access a copy of Windows 10 free of charge but that’s another kind of commitment.

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