Windows Store will welcome Apple Music and iTunes at the end of year

it seems that the turbulent relationship of Apple / Microsoft stabilizes quickly since the arrival of Tim Cook and Satia Nadella as CEO of both companies. We now know that both iTunes and Apple Music will be available at the official store of Windows this year .

little more than one week ago, Microsoft unveiled some interesting news of its latest operating system Windows 10 S. It’s a lighter operating system, safe and fast Windows 10, but with a unique disadvantage (or advantage), only can run applications downloaded from the official Windows store .

iTunes and Apple Music store Windows coming soon

This means that some programs such as iTunes by Apple or Google’s Chrome, could not function if their respective companies were not developing such applications directly from the Store Windows. However, Apple seems to have quickly and Windows has announced that the Cupertino are in full development of iTunes and Apple Music for its official app store.

 Apple Music on Apple devices

This means that the new version of iTunes will be available through the Store Windows at the end of this year . Microsoft has announced that the new iTunes for Windows Store will support Apple Music (Apple streaming music service) and synchronization with the devices iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch).

remember that iTunes has been available and developed by Apple for Windows operating systems since 2003. However, it seems that people from Redmond is determined to give him a major boost and start a model of app store for software distribution. As it has been doing Apple several years ago.

 iTunes on Microsoft Windows Windows

Apple iTunes wants to continue with the millions of users who have Windows and this is willing to maintain support for the rest of computers that are not Mac.

the steps seem clear, to consolidate and try to increase in number of listeners through Apple Music (follow planting face to Spotify) , and secondly, maintain the possibility to use iTunes with your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch . Strategies being developed by Apple for quite some time, the Cupertino already have a version of Apple Music for Android for example.

this news may be news hardly liked by users who expect iTunes in standalone applications fragmentation, with the aim that macOS can gain ground to Windows.

twinning between Apple and Microsoft

not only Microsoft announced that Apple is developing applications for the Windows Store. In addition, announced a new solution for PC users who develop applications on iOS, whose name is Xamarin Live Player . Along with this announcement, Microsoft also said that Visual Studio is now available for all users of Mac

almost all services presented in the Microsoft Build 2017 were under an Apple device (and even Android). Developers and managers of Redmond are varying their point of view. They prefer continue improving and offering better services to companies and individuals focused on other operating systems such as the Apple. “

 Windows to Mac Microsoft and Apple closer than ever

it seems that you want to work on the improvement of third-party devices rather than compete directly against these. This case occurs in particular in iOS, since Windows Phone seems doomed to end disappearing in a short period of time.

back remained the turbulent years between both companies, where Steve Jobs and Bill Gates is accused of plagiarism and bad practices between companies which prevented users enjoy the services of both companies in a single environment.

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