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Microsoft changes the requirements for ongoing updates with the next update of the creators and also downloads for switched connections is provided – about cellular connection where quite different charges may apply. Updates should be made will automatically also via mobile phone if they are necessary for “Smooth running” of the operating system. It remains however unclear what actually define that phrase and what actually changes in practice.

 Windows 10 (image:

noticed the change is for participants of the Windows Insider program first WinSupersite in the build 15058, in the almost ring has been released this week. Updates are automatically downloaded and installed, except for switched connections (for fees can be included), it’s still in the update settings. Another set, which partially repeals this statement was but added: “In this case only the updates are downloaded automatically, that are required to further smooth running Windows.”

Microsoft has not responded to requests to do so so far still, allowing first a wide range of assumptions. “Required for the smooth execution” is so widely formulated that it could – include almost all updates or even very few with low data volume. What that might mean in turn quite different and hardly foreseeable for the user costs.

already wanted Microsoft however not in principle exclude “critical updates” even when timed and paid connection. So it emerges at least from a FAQ about this type of Internet connections. This was last updated in September 2016, refers to Windows 8 .1 and was apparently little to no attention.

“Windows Update only critical updates are available for download”, it says here to the impact on a PC, which make setting a network connection as timed to . This Windows Wi-Fi networks sets first by default when not clocked, however, mobile phone networks as clocked. These settings can change user and save as, for example, for a Wi-Fi connection data volume – and avoid passing less urgent updates. Ethernet network connections, however, Microsoft sees always when not clocked and admits no change with them.

which means “necessary for smooth execution” and “critical updates” in this context? Given the potential costs, consumers can expect a timely clarification.


Windows 10 creators update – these are the changes

Windows 10 creators update offers numerous improvements for the surface and the security of Windows 10. These new features can be already now extensively and free test with the Insider preview 15014.

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