Windows 10 S: with cages for free range chickens

[Kommentar] Windows 10 Microsoft presented a new Windows operating system that significantly restricts the freedom of users. Neither commonly available applications can installed, nor can the default setting for search engine and browser changed to .

 Windows 10 S: users need to take many limitations in purchasing (image: the latter change at least the Windows-10 users, whose Anteil access of among all Windows users is, after all, just under 60 percent, quite often. Just over 20 percent, using the pre-installed browser edge. Firefox and chrome are with 32.4 and 34.9 percent higher in the favor of the user.

 Windows 10 S: default browser is set (screenshot:

and that also no secret is Google with a share of more than 90 percent clearly cited by popularity with search engines,. In other words, that even edge users frequently use Google as a search engine.

 Windows 10 S: search engine cannot be modified (screenshot:

ensure the EU for the new operating system also is interested in. Sufficient experience with the Redmond software company has been in this regard already . In this context mention again the introduction of the Browserauswahlfensters and the penalty of 561 million euros for Microsoft, as this, was allegedly due to an error, some time not available.

Windows 10 S: more security and performance at the expense of freedom

as benefits of Windows 10 S Microsoft promises an increase in security and a constant high speed. It is confidently doubtful that this will not work with Google as a search engine and chrome as a browser.

probably it is Microsoft simply for more market share in the of the lucrative search engine market . It’s not about the wishes of the users anyway. After all, can buyers of Windows-10-S notebook on Windows 10 Pro upgrade. Most will probably do that or equal access to a model that does not expect such restrictions the user.

there is for a desktop computer only one operating system, which has such restrictions: chrome OS from Google. In this country, the percentage of users is so low that the Google operating system in any operating system statistics shows up. And in the United States, it comes to a share of less than 3 percent. Apparently, the most free range chickens want to stay free.


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