Windows 10: Microsoft introduces new features for autumn update before

Microsoft on the second day of its developers Conference build 2017 next feature update for Windows 10 presented . The successor of the completed in March and early April published creators update calls the company simply “Case creators update” there’s an earlier announcement according to in the autumn appear to. Most important change is a new design language called Microsoft fluent design system.

so far developed under the code name project neon she should continue the work that began years ago with Windows 8 and the “Metro style apps”. The case will expand the Windows interface and apps creators update shadows, blur effects and animations. On its website, Microsoft gives a first impression of the new design language that is intended for use in virtual and extended reality.

 the case creators update allows it to continue started work on another on a device (image: Microsoft). the case creators update allows it to continue started work on another on a device (image: Microsoft). Another innovation concerns especially Microsoft’s cloud OneDrive users. With the case creators update the return of Windows 8.1 and as smart files known wildcard back. They offer easy access to files that are locally stored in the cloud and not via sync client. You are marked in the file Explorer and all dialogs to select files with a cloud symbol.

right mouse click such files can be added to at any time to the list of files to be synchronized. A double click, however, download a file and opens it in the corresponding app. Files opened in this way are then also stored for offline use. Insider to lets you test the functionality already in the summer.


Windows 10 creators update – these are the changes

Windows 10 1703 creators update offers numerous innovations for the surface and the security of Windows 10. And Redstone 3, the next update is already upon us.

in addition, Microsoft showed yesterday a new universal Windows app called Windows story remix. It allows you to combine photos and videos into “Stories” which are fitted with transition effects, music and themes. The app seems to be a successor of Windows Movie Maker no longer supported. “

 the feature of 'Timeline' offers easy access to recent apps, files, and websites (image: Microsoft). the feature of ‘Timeline’ offers easy access to recent apps, files, and websites (image: Microsoft).

the upcoming update extended but also the task pane. It provides not only an overview of the currently opened applications, but also about recent files and websites visited under the name of ‘Timeline’. In addition, the update aims to improve cross-platform user experience. For example, the Clipboard will work also in the future across the device. A link copied on a PC or section of text should be on a mobile device available by Microsoft apps on Android – and iOS devices. The work started with a Microsoft app on a device can then continue on another device.

some of these innovations, including the stories-remix-app, are already in the current build 16193, distributed to participants of the Insider program Microsoft since yesterday evening, that have subscribed to the almost ring. You can test even the new volume mixer allows you adjust the volume of individual apps. Also this is an already known feature – was first introduced with Windows 7


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