Windows 10 creators update: for IT professionals and companies

with the creators update Windows 10 receives new features many new functions. Windows 10 version 1703 build 15063, aka creators update, it includes not only new features that are interesting for end users, but offers and enhancements for administrators and IT professionals. These relate to the control of updates first and foremost. But new tools like mbr2gpt.exe which allows an MBR partition a GPT-type can be cast to and facilitates so the transition from PCs by BIOS on EFI, include. Also improvements regarding the connection of MDM solutions are part of the new version of Windows 10.

 Windows 10 creators update 1703 (image:

improved control of updates

with the creators update leads Microsoft his strategy continues to make the control of Windows-10 updates more efficiently and flexibly for administrators. About the “Windows Update for business” function, administrators can control for example flexible when Windows 10 machine to install so-called “feature” and “Quality Updates”. Moreover, the support of the new Express update for System Center Configuration Manager. This allows the better distribution of great updates in smaller packages. Of course Windows connects to Windows Server Update Services 10 version 1703 continue to, and the creators update can be spread with WSUS. Because nothing will change in the future. The new Windows Update for business functions complement WSUS, or facilitate the upgrade of Windows, if no WSUS available. WSUS is anything but as discontinued and still the central medium for the distribution of updates for Windows and other Microsoft products. “

 Windows 10 creators update allows more flexible control of updates (screenshot: Thomas Joos). Windows 10 creators update allows more flexible control of updates (screenshot: Thomas Joos).

the creators update on company computers reset

who install Windows 10 version 1703 (creators update) up to four months wants to make back, 10 Pro or enterprise on computers with Windows option “ feature updates reset ” in the field “ update and SicherheitErweiterte options ” in the settings app. This function is available only for companies available, or for educational institutions that rely on Windows 10 education.

users with Windows 10 Pro or enterprise/education before updating group policy, can change settings to relieve something Internet connection while downloading updates. The most important settings for Windows 10-updates can be found over ComputereinstellungenAdministrative TemplatesWindows KomponentenÜbermittlungsoptimierung ( gpedit.msc) guidelines. This sets how the OS when downloading updates should behave. In the future, such measures shall be no longer necessary. Whether the next updates for Windows 10

in ComputereinstellungenAdministrative TemplatesWindows KomponentenÜbermittlungsoptimierungDownloadmodus prove true, that you can set, if and how the new distribution mode should be used for Windows updates.  By selecting the option new uses the mode transitions and continue to the BITS technology “ go to “, like in Windows 7. This fixes also download problems with Windows 10 without the use of WSUS.  Windows updates can completely shut down an Internet connection in Windows 10. By selecting the option ‘ go to ‘ in download mode you can fix the problem. The new technology should be used for downloading Windows 10 but should the values at “ maximum download bandwidth “, “ Max upload bandwidth ” and “ minimal background QoS value ” be reviewed and adapted.

more flexibility in managing updates

In the creators update can be up to 35 days block updates before installing. There are the new setting update and SicherheitErweiterte settings . By selecting the option “Expose updates” blocks the installation of updates Windows 10. However, security updates and Windows Defender definition files be installed on, the block applies only to new features and unimportant updates. This option is generally available in all editions of Windows 10 available. “

 updates can be used in Windows creators update from 10 (screenshot: Thomas Joos). updates can be used in Windows creators update from 10 (screenshot: Thomas Joos).

universal Windows Update platform: Udpates are small

in Windows 10 version 1703 Microsoft integrates a new installation option on updates. Windows universal update platform (OOPIIPS) to updates in the future much smaller are. That should relieve the Internet lines. Currently, updates, as the creators update themselves, often several gigabytes are great because the installation is basically a new installation. That should change in 1703 version from Windows 10. Updates also feature updates, will from now be distributed in small packages. Already, Redstone 3 to benefit from this new technology.

in the settings of Windows 10 can be in addition set that certain compounds as intermittent connections are counted. This prevents the installation of larger update packets through this connection and allows for more settings. The configuration to do this can be found on ‘ network and Internet ‘. Here are settings for “ Ethernet ” and “ Wi-Fi ” available. The corresponding settings can be set by clicking on the respective connection. So all options are also centrally controllable, also the new ADMX files for Windows 10 version should be 1703 integrated into the network. As a result, important the new version also via Group Policy settings can be controlled. This is not necessarily Windows Server 2016 necessary, because the ADMX files are also compatible with Windows Server 2008/2008 R2 and Windows Server 2012/2012 R2. “

 in Windows 10 1703 network connections can be both intermittent connection defined in Windows 10 1703 network connections can be used also as intermittent connection define

address bar into the registry editor and missing Control Panel

many users miss the link to the control panel in Windows 10 after installing the creators update and new. To open the Control Panel, “control.exe” in the search box of the start menu must be entered in the new version. The command opens the control panel as in previous years. However, Microsoft with Redstone 3 plans to abolish the Control Panel completely.

also, a new feature in the registry editor is interesting for IT professionals. It now has an address bar, such as Windows Explorer. By typing for example, HKLM, can be bound directly to “HKEY_LOCAL_Machine”. This significantly facilitates the jumping and search registry settings in the editor.

 Windows 10 creators update 1703: Registry Editor with address bar (screenshot:

Windows 10 with the free Windows configuration Designer provide

with the free” Windows configuration Designer “, the successor of the”Windows Imaging and Configuration Designer (ICD)”can create deployment packages for Windows 10 and spread in the network.  The tool is available through the app store in Windows 10 available and can be installed for free. Of course the new version remains through that “ Windows 10 assessment and deployment Tookit (ADK) for Windows 10 1703 version” available. The tools from the Windows, 10 ADK are important tools, to provide the network, also via System Center Configuration Manager automates Windows 10.

with not only Windows 10 deployments as a package you can create the new version, but administrators can remove also pre-installed apps from Windows 10. However, no Windows 10 images can be more edit with the new version. This feature has been removed from the tool.

with the Windows configuration Designer Windows 10-machine can be connected also to Azure Active Directory. The installation of the packages is carried out either through the graphical interface, with System Center Configuration Manager, or by the PowerShell . Microsoft shows the different possibilities of the Windows configuration Designer in the TechNet.”

 Windows 10 version 1703 features along with the Windows configuration designer many PowerShell for Windows 10 deployment (screenshot: Thomas Joos). Windows 10 version 1703 build 15063, aka creators update, features along with the Windows configuration designer many PowerShell for Windows 10 deployment (screenshot: Thomas Joos).

master boot record (MBR) to GUID partition table (GPT) convert

with Windows 10 version 1703 Microsoft introduces the new tool “ MBR2GPT. EXE “available.” Thus the Partitionierungsstile can be adapted on the command line or scripted from MBR to GPT. This is especially useful if PCs are switched from BIOS to UEFI. Microsoft shows the possibilities in the following video. “

is an example of the transformation:

mbr2gpt / validate / disk: 0

 Windows 10 version 1703 has a command line tool for converting MBR disks to GPT format (screenshot: Thomas Joos). Windows 10 version 1703 has a command line tool for converting MBR disks to GPT format (screenshot : Thomas Jacobson).

mobile device management for Windows

10 taking, the notebooks, Smartphones or tablets in use have received additional improvements to the control of external devices the creators update with Windows. Windows 10 provides for a better connection to MDM systems numerous functions for the control of the devices via central policies. Microsoft on MSDN shows all new guidelines .

with the MDM migration analysis tool administrators can analyze which settings from the group policy in a MDM solution can be applied. In this context, it is also interesting to know that this functionality also Microsoft Office on the deployment tool can deploy Office . The how to This also shows Microsoft on MSDN. The automation of Office describes Microsoft support page from Microsoft Office on the .

by the new technologies, also BitLocker can be configured, the network settings, the removal of software, and manage virtual applications on machines with Windows 10 enterprise and Windows 10 education with MDM. Of course also Microsoft edge and Cortana can be centrally controlled.

Windows Defender advanced threat protection – virus protection for businesses

Windows Defender has been expanded greatly in Windows 10. Meanwhile, the function as Windows Server antivirus malware has been integrated in Windows Server 2016. 1703 version also Windows Defender advanced threat protection is Microsoft with Windows 10. It is a service with the company at an early stage can prevent attacks on your network.

Windows Defender advanced threat protection required computers with Windows 10 Pro, Enterprise, or education in the network. The service is not only a simple virus protection, but the service analyzes the behavior of Windows 10 computers and the applications installed. The Administration is done through a Web-based dashboard that displays the data of each connected company’s computers.

Windows Defender advanced threat protection with Windows Defender on Windows 10-Rechnenr, but also works with other virus scanners that support the service. Also a service that examines the computer based on the rules of advanced threat protection, Windows Defender, and sends data to the cloud service is running on the Windows 10 computers. Microsoft shows how in the following video:

the service detects not only known virus attacks, but also suspicious actions in the network, and therefore also new dangers. Companies with Microsoft azure, the services are also protected and monitored. With Windows 10 version 1703 has significantly expanded Microsoft the sensors, the Windows of 10 attacks monitor . Even Ransomware detected much faster than ever before.

new group policy for Windows 10 creators update

administrators can find also the new group policy templates for Windows 10 on Windows 10-machine version of 1703. They reside “C:WindowsPolicyDefinitions”, such as in servers with Windows Server 2016 in the directory. Microsoft also makes available download the new ADMX files. The ADMX files provide the control of all new settings of Windows 10 version of 1703, but the settings for older Windows versions of 10. Embed the ADMX files on computers with Windows Server 2008/2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2 and of course Windows Server 2016 can be. As always with ADMX files, these must be copied on the domain controller. The procedure is the same of the involvement of other ADMX files.


Windows version 10 1703 offers far more than new options for the graphical interface. Above all the improved and expanded options for controlling Windows updates and the possibilities for interfacing to MDM solutions offer numerous advantages to companies. Generally should deal comprehensively administrators with the theme and 10 creators update in the company planning the distribution of Windows. However that is provided through WSUS and the corresponding group policy settings are set correctly ensure here before.

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