Will it end Apple buying Netflix and Tesla? This analyst says it

the world of analysts is very wide and gives couple all kinds of rumors and speculation as that bring you in today. Everyone knows that the Cupertino have a lot of money (too much money) to be able to spend on whatever you like. More innovation, further development, open up new channels of business or simply to buy other companies. That is why Analyst Jim Suva said that Apple could have two clear objectives for Tesla and Netflix . Tesla in the list of available companies Apple and Netflix

according to the recent data presented by Apple the California company has $ 2.568.000 million cash reserves. A fairly significant figure to carry out almost any market operation wishing to their managers.

Jim Suva, Citigroup analyst has mentioned Netflix and Tesla as potential targets of Apple to be acquired. However, Citigroup analyst gives several names as potential targets of Apple: Netflix, Disney, Tesla, Activision Blizzard, Electronic Arts, Take Two Interactive Software, Hulu .

 Apple could buy a Tesla or Netflix implementation of Netflix on iPhone

from Citigroup say that thanks to tax cuts that want to approve the Trump President the Cupertino could benefit and bring together much of the money in cash which has in other markets. This could encourage managers of Apple to make different purchases in the American market and acquire important companies such as that discussed previously.

Tim Cook has spoken this week about the need for tax reform (and a lower tax rate) for companies U.S..

“in terms of large acquisitions… we have looked to corporations. In each case, it did not pass our test for several reasons. We will come back to look at I am sure we will do it. I believe that we have the management talent and the depth to do so. We don’t feel the pressure for revenue, we want to make great products. Cash not burning us our pockets .”

not everything is as easy as it seems

while it is true that money is not a problem for Apple, the Cupertino just have made a significant purchase so far, Beats Electronics. Apple acquired by Beats in 2014 in the amount of 3,000 million dollars . Its objective was to the create your own platform of music streaming (Apple Music) thanks to advances and products that already had the music company previously.

 Apple could buy a Tesla or Netflix Tesla Model 3

even though Citigroup believes future acquisitions by Apple, from Reuters do not give much credit to the analysts. But they aren’t the only ones, from Thomson Reuters StarMine does not believe much in the words of Jim Suva. You are given a score of three on five because of its recommendations.

for now Apple will have to wait that President Trump manages to lower tax rates in the country for companies, and the Cupertino make calculations about whether to repatriate the money to American soil suits them or not. A quite difficult to predict equations and that will not be resolved in the short to medium term .

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