Will 8 iPhone continue the design of the Samsung Galaxy S8?

expected much on the design of the next 8 iPhone (or iPhone X, iPhone Edition… or as choose to call it). However, do you think that we will see a similar design to the Samsung Galaxy S8? look at the options that Apple add a design similar to the high-end of the Korean manufacturer device.

design is not (only) what we see

I’ll be clear, the design of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is nice, this double curvature on the sides makes an effect of wrapped screen that reduces the size of the terminal to the minimum. However I will be clear, the famous infinite screen is an idea badly carried out by Samsung. Especially if we see the place where you will find the fingerprint reader.

 iPhone 8 will continue to design the Samsung Galaxy S8
cannot (and should not) fall into these failures. Cupertino have their own identity to have “inspired” by beautiful designs with serious functionality problems. While it is true that many users buy devices by the own appearance of these, Apple usually design products from the functionality the relationship between hardware and software. “

 Samsung Galaxy S8 + vs iPhone 7 Plus and iPhone 7 Plus rear Samsung Galaxy S8 +

Steve Jobs said at the time that design is not only how it looks or feels, the design is also how it works . I agree that the iPhone 8 needs a facelift in the sense that the market walks towards a reduction of marcos on the front of the phone.

the manufacturers seek the beauty in their terminals without many times thinking about how that design or how you are feeling. The idea of Samsung was to reduce to the maximum the front edges, the idea was good but the Korean manufacturer it seems that it has imported very little (or nothing) functionality, go to a company that is guided more by their own Department of marketing than the practical and utilitarian, the proof of what I am saying is in its rear fingerprint reader.

do 8 iPhone design? We must look to China, not to the South Korea

our dear Jony Ive (former head of the Department of Apple design) is another way to the marketing department. Jony has always been an admirer of Dieter Rams designs (worked for Braun) but you can iPhone 8 to go the way of another designer with enough fame, talking about Philippe Starck . It’s a French industrial designer who signed the famous design of the my Xiaomi Mix .

 Xiaomi my Mix Xiaomi Mi Mix

the design of Starck was impressive, found a new path in the design of mobile phones however did not have one of the three premises of Jobs in terms of design. Did not feel well in hand. It was too large in hand, uncomfortable and was not well developed some things like the front-facing camera.

a regret that I do not know anything about the next iPhone, I dare say that we will not see screens curved by Apple, would anyone know what it is apart from the “wow” effect? . the future lies in the reduction of frameworks that began Philippe Starck with Xiaomi, safeguarding some challenges that only a company like Apple can solve.

 iPhone 8 model possible of the iPhone 8

the precipitation to launch Galaxy Note 7 may make manufacturers are thinking twice about the design of its terminals. This is a clear warning that companies like Apple cannot allow itself, due to the high percentage of benefits that get the Cupertino thanks to this device.

the Samsung Galaxy S8 returns to slip when trying to overestimate aspects that transcend the purely functional product. So I think, that the next iPhone 8 will not follow the design of the S8. Apple will go along the path already started by Xiaomi or own LG G6. Less frames, more screen but with a good feeling and a good functionality between hardware and software .

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