to combat fake news with the news platform Wikitribune Wikipedia founder Jimmy wants to tackle Wales against hoaxes. The idea for this pushed on him, when he saw “what happened in the United States and how fake news Donald Trump with helped to power”. The new website should be funded through Crowdfunding and be independent, are also in unrelated to Wikipedia or the Wikimedia Foundation. She will publish messages first in English and later in other languages.

the basic principle is to bring together journalists and a community of volunteers. While professional journalists that are paid to write about world news topics, the thorough review of the facts is thing of the volunteers. These are “the facts check, to make sure fact-oriented and factual wording and ensure maximum transparency of the news sources by publishing complete transliterated text, videos, and sound recordings of interviews”.

(Bild: Wikitribune)

transparency sees the Wikipedia founder as”Kryptonite against false information”, as he wrote in February in a guest post for the guardian . The Internet had perhaps contributed to the present predicament. “But the people who populate the Internet, can help free us from it.”

Wikitribune should be completely free of advertising and do not depend on as many clicks, also not hold through a pay barrier from reading. Work should be financed by ten paid journalists through contributions. Monthly ten dollars is the default, but users can choose any desired amount.

“Past attempts of a citizen journalism not so good got some things well, but other things”, said Wales talking to TechCrunch . “The idea is therefore to strike a balance between community and journalism by working community and journalists next to each other on an equal footing in certain subject areas.” As an example, he argued that the Bitcoin community could support Wikitribune journalists, so that they report on the Kryptowährung and the underlying Blockchain technology in a way that is more accurate and considered over as established journalists. Thus, there is also a real incentive for donations.

the little successful Wikinews, which was only on voluntary work is one of the previous citizen journalism experiments. Andrew Lih of the American University and author of “the Wikipedia revolution” a significant greater potential with the additional level of professional journalists looks at Wikitribune. “The Pro reporters and editors overseeing the development of the story”, quotes him NiemanLab . “The crowd does the heavy lifting by crawling, views, search, check. Leaving the lot do it, what the amount is good.”


fake news again to political demands for new laws. The IT industry association BITKOM warns, however, against Schnellschüssen in the regulation and calls for more media literacy rather than more laws .

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