Wikileaks: Tech companies are waiting for information from Assange

Google Microsoft Apple Samsung and other technology companies still seem to be any information about the CIA exploits received wikileaks for protecting their users first wanted to deliver them. There are even days passed since Wikileaks founder Julian Assange on Thursday of last week his intention declared to allow a quick fix of the vulnerabilities exploited by hackers intelligence in cooperation with the company.

(Bild: Wikileaks)

current official opinions of tech companies to do this do not exist. Forbes sources very close but found out about their security teams, that Saturday morning neither Google nor Microsoft details about the vulnerabilities – arrived in their software already two days after Assange announcement.

“We have seen Julian Assange announcement and have not been contacted yet,” a Microsoft spokesperson declared on Friday, which gave since then no further opinion. More generally he told: “Our preferred method for anyone who has the knowledge of security issues – including the CIA or Wikileaks-, is providing details on [email protected], so that we can review the information and take any necessary steps to protect of the customers.”

Although the published CIA documents by Wikileaks suggest that the CIA hackers also have exploits against iPhones and Mac computers, Apple took position since the announcement of Assange does not do this. Samsung, whose smart TVs the CIA should have used for eavesdropping, did not respond to requests.

according to Assange are still much more information about the CIA its program for general publication. In the over 8000 documents made public by the unveiling platform found evidence of security holes found in chrome, Android, iOS, Windows and macOS which US intelligence with exploits could exploit. Apple as Google had to do this promptly declares to have the most mentioned vulnerabilities already closed and protected users from the exploits. Revealed from their cautious formulations but also that they expect used vulnerabilities with other by the CIA that they still do not know.

unlike in earlier releases had defaced Wikileaks that thoroughly edited over 8000 CIA secret documents and about names and addresses of people – and also use malware code was not revealed. With one exception however was apparently overlooked while editing: Security researcher Marc Maiffret discovered accessible Windows malware and analyzed them. DISPLAY

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