“{” “” “” “” “” Wiivv receives $ 1.1 million to produce Sandals custom printing 3D

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Wiivv is a startup based in Canada which was founded with the sole purpose to develop custom footwear making use of impreison 3D technologies. With this idea and several prototypes that show up to where you can get your idea and the interesting thing might be, it has managed to convince many stakeholders through various campaigns of crowdfunding, as well as to get 1.1 million in its latest round of funding.

If this amount has surprised you, let know you that this is just the latest campaign financing carried out from Wiivv that, since its creation the company got no less than $ 3.5 million to what must add 240,000 dollars a crowdfunding campaign of its first product, a baptized as BASE templates.

Wiivv gets to raise $ 1.1 million to manufacture custom sandals.

to this staggering amount, in a second campaign, managed to raise another 4 million dollars with which to buy the company eSoles a competitor that was dedicated to manufacture custom templates with a customer base of about 50,000 users. In this last step, the company has managed to take the above 1.1 million dollars with a very original idea, design and manufacture Sandals completely adapted to the shape of the foot of each client .

to get design your sandals, Wiivv has released a mobile application that allows you to take different samples of your feet. Thanks to this information, the company can manufacture a sandals that fit perfectly to each of your feet. As a final detail, let know you that these flip flops will be manufactured in San Diego (California) place where the company has several 3D printers working day and night on polyamide PA12 these sandals.

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