Why the PlayStation 4 attracts so many cockroaches, explained by a technician

Tu PlayStation 4 stopped working suddenly and you don’t know why? The answer may be simpler than expected: cockroaches. A technician explains why the PlayStation 4 attracts so many cockroaches and the dangers that can result in .

seems to lie but the Sony PlayStation 4 is unusually vulnerable to infestation of cockroaches. Several technical services specializing in consoles say that most of the PlayStation 4 receiving contain cockroaches inside (although also receive Xbox One and other consoles). What is this? A technician explains that most consoles are horizontally in closed or dark areas so they are quite cozy for small creatures. The design of the back of the PlayStation 4 allows cockroaches settle better than on other consoles because their ventilation grilles are wider. Vents are at the bottom of the console, so the cockroaches can enter easily.

in addition, in accordance with the technical services, the PlayStation 4 inside gets hot in the Xbox One due to its internal power supply. Warm, in a closed space and close to the ground, makes it the ideal console so that form large nests of cockroaches. The 4 PlayStation infested with cockroaches are a major problem due to two reasons. The first is already itself is disgusting to have the console infested cockroaches and threatening to expand into nearby areas.

and the second is that it endangers the operation of the console. Roaches are leaving traces of excrement that can come into contact with the positive and the negative of a circuit, causing a circuit breaker that can burn the power supply. To fix this, technicians tend to replace power supply; first take the console apart, to sterilize it with an ultrasonic cleaner and then placed the source. The worst is that Sony (who has not made comments so far) does not accept PlayStation 4 and infested with cockroaches as part of the warranty. To avoid that the console is full of cockroaches is recommended to place it on an open site (do not leave it on the floor) and keep the House clean.

source: Kotaku

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