Why Instagram Stories pleases me more than Snapchat?

has been several months since the arrival on Instagram, one of the most famous social networks in the world of photography, of a function, Instagram Stories one of the most attractive bets made by a social network today. Their presence is almost indispensable in our smartphone.

on the other hand, Snapchat wanted to distinguish as a different social network, with which you can currently communicate in clips up to 10 seconds long and with some filters, impressive, very close to the concept of augmented reality.

both social networks are disputed constant to conquer to the users, but why is Instagram Stories ahead of Snapchat? the essence of both is the same, but the shapes are very different. In this post, I will point out those factors that made me lean in favor of Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories, the minimalist may be attractive

 Instagram Stories and its interface Instagram Stories and its interface

something that always regretted to Snapchat, or that many also detected is that the interface was difficult to use. in my personal case, I did not know how to activate the filters. It is somewhat silly but that many novice users on the social network have no idea. Similarly, to add friends we know that we have to go to the top but have no confirmation from the application that you have accepted this friend. Another advantage is that snapchat is synchronized with your cell contacts, so you have a long list of contacts to see whether or not they are in your circle of friends.

in Instagram Stories the people you follow are the people who will appear at the top of your screen there begins the sexy minimalism that I’m talking about. Function works on par with what you already are in Instagram. It is not complicated to make a new history, that they add “boomerang” as a proper function. in addition to the “live video” function, you can make a story without having pressed the button thanks to “hands-free”. Privacy depends on the same user wanting to share their stories with certain people.

the filters remain in the background, since the same people has opted to keep their “snaps” and pass them on to Instagram Stories this is the largest show to find out which users are delighted with this social network.

fight of stickers, which are the best?

 Stickers Instagram Stories Instagram Stickers Stories

the stickers are part of the new”emoji” because they are expressions that are also part of our messages, and both Snapchat and Instagram Stories are colorful and there is one for every occasion. What are the best? While the idea of Stories is born by Snapchat, does not mean that the latter has the best. I am leaving me with Instagram Stories, options are good and we will surely see better in the future.

Yes well Snapchat has special stickers of location, Instagram it minimalist again. Doing so simple I think it is something that users like, and that is what I personally captivated me using Instagram Stories .

to write texts or make drawings, there is a huge difference so there isn’t much to discuss at this point.

why Instagram Stories is conquering users?

the answer might seem a bit more simple than it seems, and is that the same user base that Instagram has ( 800 million users ) is impressive. In addition to cosmetic changes that were made several months ago, adding a new white background and the change in colors in icons, also gave him a facelift looking into the future of what today represents Instagram Stories.

this user base is that is giving life to Instagram Stories and if you have not used this feature, I’m sure there is an icon in the upper part, the first, who you are inviting you to do it. You’ve probably seen many stories of friends and famous people, that same bank that you can learn more about the lives of people. If you do not like to share moments, is very respectable. Personally do not use inside house function, but it is nice to share with friends while I’m somewhere that it deserves to be disseminated.

 Instagram Instagram goes by leaps with its 800 million users

do have regard to Instagram Stories? le is winning the game to Snapchat? let me your opinions on this article and your own conclusions in the comments box.

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