Why Apple does not have presence in the sport professional?

if a few days ago came back to see the Cupertino company record figures, today we wonder about their success in their different advertising campaigns. But the absence in professional sport , an absence that many still do not understand and will try to resolve.

Apple and their ads advertising

if Apple is an of them companies that greater turnover have, how is understands that spent a third less in advertising that several of their competitors? Many have been them analysts that have tried discover the formula of the success in Cupertino, especially taking in has that not are of form direct in them events sports or sports professional , where the passion by these events can increase of form considerable your sales, but where Apple not has practically impact.

is undeniable recognize that Apple makes several ads advertising of its products, the last without go more away is which have up these lyrics, the protagonist, the AirPods. Apple spends enough money in advertising, especially in countries where it has a large portion of the market, USA, China, UK, etc.

However, here in Spain and in Latin America is not so unusual to see Apple ads, more if possible in a professional sport (basketball, football, baseball, etc.), there is no teams with Apple logos and I do not think that we we will see. If you look at the figures of Cupertino, in 2013, Apple was spent a little more of 1000 million dollars (the highest ever amount) in the advertising section, but far from direct competitors like Microsoft or your own Samsung, who in the year 2012, dropped more than 4000 million dollars in the same paragraph.

productos de Apple

then, where is located the secret? Why Apple spent less that their competitors? But it more important, why not decide to enter in any sport professional?

the non-entry into the professional sports by Apple

there are two key factors, the first is the fault of Apple. We can discuss to infinity (and beyond) the features of the iPhone, its innovations, if there are innovations or not innovations in its products but one thing clear, Apple cares about the experience of use, the feeling that an iPhone (or any of their products) is a special, unique product offering. Any person who has had (or has) one of these products knows what I’m talking about, they are reliable products, where software and hardware merged to offer maximum performance.

productos de Apple

This causes of satisfaction surveys are high and keep the value of the mark on another level. This just causing the famous “mouth” , from the point of view advertising, to Apple you comes very well which their products is are strategically by all the world , from stadiums of football, series of television, rooms of press with impact international or the own NASA, without forgetting us of them ads of companies of the same sector where these always compared with the iPhone without naming it. That is making a dent in the user without you account which are “bombarded” with images or any of the products of Apple-related news.

the second key factor is the perception of people . While it is true that big brands tend to resort to the world of professional sport to search more presence in their volume of business, there is a negative point that could influence the perceptions of people. If you join a team in particular or to a professional sport in particular, you are limiting your chances. A follower of Barcelona is less likely to buy an article sponsored by Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid) and vice versa. Apple does not want to enter this perception of people.

simpsons y apple

thanks to the famous “mouth to mouth”, Apple has been present in a multitude of sites where it has been able to appreciate its brand and values. N or need a direct advertising on a professional sport or a team , just keep doing that people talk about your products. If add you that cases such as the famous trials of patent against Samsung or Qualcomm finally revalue the brand, giving the impression that the other companies use your patent gives more exclusivity to your products. Finally, note the different departments of product development, which, in the case of Apple, gives a double satisfaction: you save money in advertising and your users are pleased with a great product , which has just impacting the best advertising for you and your products.

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