Which is better, buy an iPhone 7 or wait for the 8?

every time there are more and more rumors about the next iPhone. This is not for any other reason than we are only 4 months possible presentation of the much-anticipated iPhone 8 (or whatever that it is going to call). Therefore, more and more we are getting questions of style if outweighs wait or better buy now iPhone 7.

wait or buy?

could call you this “the eternal question” . Whatever the version of the iPhone, always we get comments asking about whether it is better to buy the current model or wait for the next. And it is almost always a question difficult to answer

and this is not something that happens exclusively with smartphones but applies to almost anything that is renewed with improvements every one or two years.

then what better, buy or wait? have no answer for that. The answer to that question depends on each and also the value of the product. What I can tell is that you try to enjoy the product you have purchased. I know that he bothers when you buy a product and a month later they get one better, but we must take account that that will happen Yes or Yes sooner or later. Therefore, rule general usually prefer to buy, unless you obviously know that only one or two months for the submission of the following model missing.

 buy or wait? buy the current generation or the next? The great dilemma that has no end.

iPhone iPhone 7 or 8?

good time clarified that, we proceed to specify more in the case that interests us. In particular, is better wait for the iPhone 8 or go directly for 7?

according to the rumors, it seems that this iPhone of 2017 will be a device with enough news . The hopes placed in it are very large, and we hope that Apple will not disappoint us.

 area functions concept of iPhone 8.

New features in the future iPhone 8

this new device will come loaded with News . For example, some of the features that we might see in the next generation iPhone will be the following. But, as with everything to do with the iPhone 8, nothing else is confirmed :

  • according to those rumors, this year could see three iPhone different : a normal model, one Plus and one-screen OLED (to which we could call him Pro).
  • therefore, as we have said, the display OLED is a feature expected in the next mobile Apple, although this would only come in the more expensive model. Therefore, if your plan is not to buy the biggest and most expensive model, this is not something that you will benefit.
  • a display that occupies a is also expected higher percentage on the front of the device. So, will try to compete with what there is in the Android market.
  • another characteristic that is expected with great enthusiasm is the Wireless charging. And it has already shown the company’s interest in the issue of wireless charging. Even so, we still ignore whether or not to apply all inquiries on the new iPhone 8, or you more to wait to teach all their cards. In any case, the Wireless charging is almost assured, either the traditional or the new type of wireless charging would be prepared of Cupertino.
  • always power is improved. Although, in this case we do not expect to see much improvement, as 7 iPhone already included interesting new features on-chip A10. But that doesn’t mean that we can see more RAM memory that although today it seems unnecessary to more main memory, pleased that the device be better maintained over the years.
  • as Touch ID there is still much uncertainty. Will it come as always in the front? Will it come in the back? Will it come in a latera? Or will come built into the screen? “
 another concept of iPhone 8. another concept of iPhone 8.

Then… We hope or not?

if not run you hurry I would say of today outweighs hope. If you do not going to regret, as on the iPhone 8 expected big news.

in changing, if any of the developments mentioned above are convincing you or it runs hurry because your old mobile has broken, for example, in this case to compensate you go for iPhone 7 May. I assure you that you’re going to enjoy equally. And of course, when they launched the iPhone 8, will continue to be a large device with excellent features and performance. Conclusion

the topic just comment is protagonist in an infinite number of feedback we receive each week. In addition, once is launched the new model, also asks why it is better, if buy new or save money by buying the former. But that is another issue to part, and what most influences there is money and the amount of difference between the versions.

do not forget that all the news regarding iPhone 8 will bring them here, Apple 5 × 1, both in our website as in our YouTube channel .

what do you think? are going to buy iPhone 8? You have 7 iPhone? Ye of the wait or the purchase?

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