WhatsApp will soon allow set favorite chats at the top

soon will fix our chat and favorite groups of WhatsApp

get news on what will be one of the new features that will have the famous application of multimedia messaging and a multiplatform, WhatsApp . We refer to becomes the possibility to set at the top of WhatsApp our chat and favorite bands as it can already be in other applications of messaging as Telegram.

For those users who use the application Telegram, surely there will be given account that this app is a very convenient functionality that allows set, i.e., leave at the top some chat or groups.

Now we can easily access our chat more used

this is a feature that can be very interesting for those users who have to manage many chats or groups from your device and want to have always in the foreground the most important.

Now, thanks to the various screenshots that have been leaked and that you will find below, we can see that this functionality will also arrive soon to WhatsApp.

At the moment this feature has been discovered in version beta number 2.17.105 WhatsApp for Android devices, but it will probably be possible to set above the chat and groups also in a next version of WhatsApp for iPhone .

how can fix and know that chats are fixed on WhatsApp?

For power fix the chat and groups from the WhatsApp application will simply have to press so prolonged which we want to keep at the top (from Android devices) or slide to the left (on iOS devices) to be able to select or set a chat or a group on top.

A symbol will appear in the chat or an icon that will make us know what or which are the ones fixed on the top of the app and which will be always accessible as the first in the chat list.

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