WhatsApp lifeline and returns to integrate ancient States


it was coming, and is that since WhatsApp decided to implement the”stories”in this instant messaging service, the criticism did not stop falling around a decision to some extent little successful. Okay use in Instagram, and even their presence on Facebook has its lace, but Zuckerberg’s passed of braking with the incorporation of this utility who took “borrowed” from Snapchat .

is not necessary to say that Facebook Empire all what you want to get get it to hit book but stumbled upon some “indomitable Gauls”, of Snapchat, who would not bend. since that time, the famous social network has invested great efforts in bringing their systems everything you did in Snapchat to suffocate them. “

the old States of WhatsApp have become, as proof that not everything is worth

 ancient States of WhatsApp have already become

users call for coherence and it is very clear that one thing for those who live in a digital world, are social networks, and other messaging applications. And the message is clear, do not mix . People want that their networks social Favorites allow them to make increasingly original and more fun things to share with your friends (although cost is to give away our privacy issue that would provide for more than one opinion article); and on the other hand with regard to all messaging applications want to allow them to effective communication with the people in their environment and can not only write or send audio, also the sending of documents, images, etc.

false steps always end up in the same, a return to the above

not only is that not fit the “new States” It is also were a door at the entrance of malware, and an open door to the loss of privacy . So that from the direction of the most important messaging platform have become original States, something that can already be on Android and that it is expected that in the coming days it could be users of iOS .

what do you think about this return to the above in the States of WhatsApp? Your opinion is important to us.

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