What so confident is Apple iPhone 8? Let’s say that much

it seems that Tim Cook and his friends you have (much) faith to the launch of the iPhone 8. At least that seems to indicate a recent order of screens OLED malleable to the Cupertino company has given to Samsung for their new phones.

The information, published by Nikkei then validate Apple supply chain, it realizes that the company would have ordered 70 million panels, with the possibility of reaching 95 million before the end of the year

Apple has ordered 70 million display OLED curves

70 million is a large number especially if you consider that these screens would only be for one of the 3 models which are expected to put on the market in late September. With the launch of the iPhone 7 / 7 Plus the company sold 78.3 million units sold in Q1FY17.

And is that the launch of the iPhone this year has special nuances: not only coincides with the tenth anniversary of the launch of the iPhone and the inauguration of the new (and awesome) offices of the Apple Park, but that many of the economic and financial analysts targeting a rebound of sales derived from the introduction of several technological aspects (a curved screen without borders (, Wireless charging, a fingerprint sensor embedded in the screen, 3D sensors that will be the first step in the commitment of the company augmented reality, and much more) and what you have referred to as a “super cycle” derived from the number of users with iPhones from at least 2 years, which could choose to renew their equipment if the technical features are sufficiently attractive. 

iPhone X | Gabor Balogh of concept

and faith seems to have transcended the offices of the company and come to Wall Street and its reflection is seen in the price of the stock, has increased nearly 24% so far run year-round (30.65% in the past 12 months) and that has led to the market capitalization of the company is approaching USD 754 thousand millions of dollars (for the purpose of comparison (, Google’s $ 585 billion and Microsoft USD 506 billion dollars).

* graphic and stock information: CNBC

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