Webroot identified as malware Windows and sowed chaos

few things are as dangerous as a corrupt update an antivirus . Once the detection engine begins to delete or put in quarantine to legitimate files of the operating system, the average user should walk on glass and avoid the loss of information. This time it was Webroot who lived a Monday fire after receiving hundreds of reports indicating that the latest update of your antivirus spat false positive on Windows file and identified to Facebook as a phishing site.

«the IA of Webroot became ‘full Skynet’. Your final solution is that there may not be malware if there are no Windows.” said a user on Twitter. And if we are guided by the reports, did exactly that. The idea of an antivirus to receive a update corrupt and marking legitimate files is not new. Happened to AVG happened to Avast (que compró a AVG) happened to Sophos … and all assume that it will continue happening as long as the virus exists as a security solution. In recent months has been harshly questioned the utility of the antivirus made by third parties, with engineers of Mozilla and Google with the head. And so back to Webroot with a latest update that in the absence of other words, broke out you in the face.

something tells us that the control of damage from Webroot will be long and painful…

Webroot began to put in quarantine to what seem to be hundreds of Windows file necessary for its proper functioning, infected with the designation W32. Trojan.Gen classic within the false positives. This was also extended to builds on the program Insider, hundreds of applications, and various web pages marked as phishing portals, notably Facebook and Bloomberg. The official thread in the forums of Webroot already reached the 22 pages of depth, while the error in the data base was active (de acuerdo a la compañía) for just thirteen minutes.

Webroot is working on a universal tool to repair the affected systems (sin fecha de disponibilidad aún) but there are people there out which cannot give the luxury of waiting. Due to the extent of the error, the recommendations range from disable Webroot completely and bringing the material back, until the uninstallation of antivirus in safe mode and manual restoration of the affected files quarantined. Users who have suffered this, patience . the good news is that it can be reversed. The bad news is that will take time.

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