watchOS 3.2 includes new covers in the Apple Watch Nike +

 Apple Watch Nike +

during yesterday Apple released several important updates, iOS 10.3, macOS Sierra 10.12.4, tvOS 10.2 and last but not the least watchOS 3.2, an update with many improvements such as the”cinema mode”or”SiriKit”but also new homescreens for editions” Apple Watch Nike + .

more news inside watchOS 3.2

as they pass the hours, we can discover more features added by Apple in the various updates of the day yesterday. At watchOS 3.2 the most striking novelty focused on the commented mode cinema (bad called theatre mode by some Spanish-speaking websites), however there were more news as SiriKit a feature which allowed that Siri worked with third-party applications, ideal to start training, send messages, make payments, book travel and everything else you can keep dreaming. They were of important innovations, focused to get more out of your Apple Watch.

 Apple Watch Nike +

However the innovations would not sit, today we know more news (in this case Visual) of the last major update of Apple in the world weareble. Sportier intelligent clock company (the Apple Watch Nike +) win up to six new unique in their covers colors, these colors can be combine quite well with the new straps presented by Apple last week, these are some very interesting options but not the only ones.

new album covers of the Apple Watch Nike +

by removing the six new colors, Apple Watch Nike + already includes two unique clock faces that are not available on other models, called Nike + Digital and Nike + Analog.

these clock faces were previously limited to only three colors White, Volt and the mixture of the two previous White/Volt . From watchOS 3.2 can find more options such as for example the Blue Orbit (blue orbit), Indigo, Violet (violet powder) Dust, Light Violet (light violet), Anthracite (anthracite), and Light Bone (bone colored clear) . Color Anthracite (anthracite) is limited to the Nike + Analog face by what is not available in the Nike + Digital.

Nike + Digital Image Gallery:

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Nike + Analog image gallery:

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you have come to like the new covers added by Apple in watchOS 3.2 for the Apple Watch Nike +?. The new interfaces like or not for this model of watch, you know that Apple has also added more news on other models of your smart watch.

watchOS 3.2 update also includes new color options for the home screen of your Apple Watch series 1 and series 2 in order to be able to combine them with the new colors of the bands Woven Nylon and Sport Apple’s face to the spring of 2017: remember that we had a wide range of colours in the new straps like for example the color of pollen Blue mist, blue, Camellia, flamenco and pebble among many others.

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