WannaCry: Infections could rise again

experts currently do not exclude, that the number of infections with the surfaced late last week Ransomware WannaCry to the beginning of the week once again rises. Many users turn their computer tomorrow for the first time since the outbreak of the blackmailer software. The British National Cyber Security Centre indicates that this more affected systems could – be discovered and possibly “to a significant extent”, like the reported guardian .

 WannaCrypt (screenshot: Microsoft) in the UK, especially institutions of the national health system of NHS were affected on Friday. “Some parts of the NHS have not identified yet, that there is a problem”, said a spokeswoman for NHS. Sunday notifications to some 8,000 surgeries were therefore sent with hints for dealing with possible WannaCry infections, as well as contacts for NHS digital and the National Cyber Security Center.

the hospital operator Bart’s health, which operates five hospitals in greater London, according to the report, planned operations cancelled, since their computer systems are not operational. The instruction to transfer patients only in urgent cases at hospitals applies surgeries also continue.

“I am worried that the numbers would rise again if the people to work go and turn your computer back on Monday,” added Rob Wainwright, Director of Europol. In British television, Wainwright spoke also at the weekend of more than 200,000 victims in at least 150 countries. The speech was initially of only about 100,000 infected Windows PCs.

also experts assume, that the backers of WannaCry have conceded so far no more than 20,000 dollars ransom . According to Tom Robinson, founder of the security provider elliptic, which monitors illegal Bitcoin activities include commissioned British and American authorities, so far at least three Bitcoin addresses have been identified in connection with the attacks of Friday.

the $20,000 but spread across two different Ransomware versions, one of which was already discovered in April. The second version, which has been since Friday in circulation, Robinson generated according to only 14,000 dollars, that still does not have obtained the blackmailer. Therefore, even a chance have arise to pick up their trail.

the security researcher Matt Suiche indicates also that two new WannaCry variants were discovered on Sunday. The spread of the first new variant had been prevented like on Friday by registering a domain name that is used by the hackers. Suiche speaks in this context of a kill switch. The second new variant had been found by Kaspersky Lab. She was not fully functional, since the Ransomware archive is damaged. This variant also do not have said trigger.


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