Waipu.TV brings TV program now available via Amazon fire TV on TV devices

round two weeks before the DVB-T2 on 29 March Exaring has presented the final version of its IPTV platform Waipu.tv. The company aims to offer more than 22 million households in Germany next generation IPTV as an alternative to terrestrial television, satellite or cable connection. Exaring relies on his fast fibre-optic network.


Waipu.tv is now available for Amazon fire TV users available. Parallel multiple streams can with an account at the same time on different devices in the household without any cable must be laid. The recording also shifting and create a personal film is or series collection. Waipu.TV offers also several regional and special-interest programs. “

 channel overview at Waipu.tv on your smartphone (image: Exaring). channel overview at Waipu.tv on your smartphone (image: Exaring).

so far Waipu.tv to TVs via Google could be used Chromecast. Now, also fire TV users in Germany can fully use Waipu.tv about the fire TV stick or the fire TV set top box. The control is possible soon also via Alexa.

both work very quickly. Waipu.TV reaches the speed of administration claims about its more than 12,000 kilometer fiber optic network, which does its work invisibly for the user in the background. The own, used exclusively for TV transmission fiber optic backbone provides independent an ideal reception quality by the utilization of the Internet node according to the manufacturer. The fibre-optic network by Waipu.tv can transmit at the same time millions of UltraHD streams according to Exaring. Waipu.TV plans the launch of UltraHD offer this year.

 broadcasts can be with a wipe on the TV broadcasts can be with a wipe on the TV”waipen”and back on the Smartphone (image: Exaring)

also the optional operation of fire TV on the Smartphone is one of the special features. Waipu.TV users can easily wipe from your Smartphone to your TV “waipen”, say the TV picture with a wiping gesture from the bottom to the top of the screen, so to speak, and slide it on the big screen. While playing on the TV, can be zapped on the Smartphone still further. The use of the fire TV remote control is of course also possible. Waipu.TV works on fire TV as well as on Google Chromecast in multi-user and multi-room mode, for multiple users and multiple TVs at home at the same time. Thus, four different images on a total of four devices can be at the same time.

 individual formats can be just one click record as regular series (image: Exaring) individual formats can be just one click record as regular series (image: Exaring)

“we have conducted a several months beta testing on fire TV and the feedback from the testers was consistently impressed. Especially the lightning-fast switching times in the program changes have impressed persistent users. The testers have given very many good critical notices and ideas about possible product extensions us about, of which we could already implement several approaches,”as Benjamin Risom, head of Productmanagment at Waipu.tv.

the possibility of recording has added

Waipu.tv now also a series recording function, which can record the serial formats with just one click. This function is available to all users of the comfort and perfect package now and without extra charge. Comfort customers can access to 10 hours recording time, perfect customers for 50 hours. Recordings and breaks are available at all stations, with only the channels ProSieben, sat. 1, Kabel eins, Sixx, ProSieben MAXX, Sky Sports News HD, cable one documentary, as well as sat. 1 gold.

numerous regional and special-interest programs are not or not yet available in the antenna, satellite, and cable television. Waipu.TV has taken up this issue also and starts immediately, for example, with the broadcast of the weekly highlights of the Bavarian League. Follows in addition in the next few weeks a ‘ best of’ media power and the 24/7 channel of each rocket beans TV in HD quality.

 waipu.tv price models (fig. Exaring) waipu.tv price models (fig. Exaring)

” the desire of our users regionalen-and Internet programs will we continue to follow and corresponding program providers through our unique fiber structure to provide a low-cost way to perfect quality of TV in the living room “, so Markus hardening stone, head of content and marketing at Waipu.tv.

it is planned to integrate Amazon’s Alexa. All essential functions can be then in the future by voice commands. The integration of Google home in addition to follow in the course of the year. The launch of this feature is planned for 2017.

the basic package with over 60 channels, customers can test for 30 days initially free of charge and without obligation, costs €4.99 per month, including 10 hours of recording memory. The options on HD channels, additional memory for recording and television for traveling are each for an additional charge (between one and five euro) available. The transmitters of RTL and Pro7 group are excluded from the HD playback, they are displayed only in SD quality Wi. Options and packages can be at any time on a monthly basis flexibly booked or cancelled.

as special offer for launch on Amazon fire TV can Waipu.tv users after registration via your Amazon account Waipu.tv free of charge for three months including recording and HD.

users who have already used Waipu.tv in the beta phase of Amazon, must sign in to the login screen by Amazon, not Waipu.tv. When the password reset via Waipu.tv can cause for Amazon customers in the course of the day still problems. Here is the E-Mail to reset may not.

comes at deployment of the new waipu.tv app via the Apple store it currently has communicated to slight delays as the manufacturer. The appropriate version of the app will be soon fully available available. The iOS app can be used as usual, only the waipen with your Smartphone on fire TV isn’t currently due to the delay still. Android version of Waipu.tv is not affected.

we tell at this point if the iOS app for Amazon fire TV fully available.

Amazon’s new fire TV stick to 30 per cent faster than the predecessor to be and also including Alexa voice remote control. In the United States, the current version is available since a few months. In this country you can stick already pre-ordered on Amazon.de be delivered from April 20. The suggested retail price is 39.90 euro. He will also be available at Media Markt and Saturn. DISPLAY

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