Volkswagen will resort to printing 3D for the manufacture of parts for your classic


without a doubt there is a real most powerful market is perhaps going unnoticed for many, speak of the market of antique or classic vehicles, that that market a vehicle with several years and very well preserved can be an interesting asset that can give much more money than we can imagine.

away from talk of true historical gems of the world of the automobile manufactured by brands like Porsche, McLaren, Ferrari, Bugatti… today I want to talk to you vehicle much easier to acquire and to see our streets Volkswagen classics such as a company that seeks an output in the 3D printing to get parts for this kind of market , very booming, although it seems that it is still resisting them technology.

Volkswagen works in the development of a new methodology to get manufacture parts for their classics using 3D printing.

as detail, comentarte that Volkswagen has put hands to work because to various external suppliers have ceased to manufacture certain parts for some of its most coveted old vehicles, which is a big problem, especially if the mark is interested in continuing that classic market as well running them in recent years.

is the solution to this problem, according to the own Volkswagen, found in the 3D printing although, unfortunately and at the moment they have only used it to design and manufacture certain parts intended to be mounted on its concept car and car show that usually appear in every auto show, nothing design and manufacture parts which must then be mounted on production vehicles.

little by little company has been taking her steps in this sense and to manufacture a part that was not related to the safety of the vehicle, which is not externally visible and to be the most possible small specifically a piece for the old Volkswagen Corrado aimed to avoid that the manual window handles rub with upholstery in leather doors , have been put to work in other parts of a larger size though, still, unless they can in no way affect the safety of a vehicle.

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