Voice calls finally reach Telegram Messenger

 Telegram Messenger

voice calls have already reached the Telegram Messenger messaging application, also equipped with a somewhat curious security method.

just a few hours Telegram Messenger boys announced on his blog the arrival of voice calls through your application.

interface is almost the same as that when we make a calls from our iPhone.

 telegram interface and mode of safety

in this update have implemented a system of security calls are somewhat peculiar. It turns out that whenever we call someone will appear a series of emojis which shall correspond to those who appear you the person that you call . Curious way, right?


apart from the fun way to verify the security of our conversations, Telegram added some improvements in this version of the application.

Telegram has decided to use its CDN network so that our calls are as fast and stable. You shouldn’t have any problems when it comes to talking on the phone through the application.

in the event that you worry that your data rate will be affected, tranquil @, you can configure it otherwise to the application spends less data during the call.

another aspect to highlight is the use of artificial intelligence to assess and rate the quality of the call . This will not pose any problem of privacy, since you aren’t hearing the call itself, which only evaluates how are connections by WiFi or mobile network to continue improving little by little.

us to also configure who want us to call and who do not . Telegram is an application that is widely used to create groups, but without losing privacy to give your phone number.

currently permitted calls are only voice, but time to time. Finally we bring you the download link if it is still not to have installed on your iPhone, iPad or Mac. download .

how about the way of controlling your call is safe? hope in the comments!

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