Vodafone will start from April 11 with new red-rates and offers currently double data volume

Vodafone has revised its tariff structure and offers a new fare range Smartphone residential customers from 11 April. Now also WiFi calling free of charge is included in the five new Vodafone red tariffs with 2 up to 25 gigabytes high speed data volume. Thus, customers also in poorly supplied buildings via the Wi-Fi network to can make telephone calls. What is new is also Gigadepot with unused packets of data are automatically transferred to the next billing month. The new red fares can be booked not only by new customers and Vertragsverlängerern, also existing customers can switch during the contract term in the new offer. Then starts a new minimum term of 24 months however. Until April 10, Vodafone offers the still substantial volume in the contract without Smartphone in a special promotion.

 Vodafone (image: Vodafone)

with its new smartphone tariffs to Vodafone customers to provide not only more data volume but also offer the possibility to use it even more flexible. For the Duesseldorf total offer with five new tariffs – equipped with data packages from 2 to 25 gigabytes for the high speed surfing maximum speed of LTE as well as flat rates for telephony, SMS and MMS. The Red S with 2 GByte 31,99 euros monthly, red M 4-Gbyte 41,99 EUR, Euro 51,99, red L with 8 GB red XL 14-Gbyte 71,99 Euro and the Red XXL with 25 GB 101,99 Euro. When the Red XL and XXL is a mobile phone theft insurance included.

 the new Vodafone red tariffs at a glance (image: Vodafone) the new Vodafone red tariffs at a glance (image: Vodafone)

with Gigadepot customers can take unused data packages with the following month and flexibility compensate for such mobile multi use. This is the navigation software, online travel guide et cetera increasingly come to use quite practically having consumes little data volume in a month and planned a vacation in the next month, where perhaps.

unused megabytes from the monthly inclusive volume are simply transferred to the Gigadepot. The customer consumes his whole inclusive volume, the following month is automatically resorted to the data reserve. The reserve is travelling during the holiday, because it is like the regular all-inclusive volume being available across the EU. The data reserve is valid one month and may not be retransmitted. Yet something remains so the reserve volume transferred to the next month, it can be applied again in another month. Over several months, does not work volume hamsters.

the Gigadepot is activated automatically and free of charge for all new and existing customers with current Red and young rates. And also with the Red + fares can reserve used and within the Red + family be divided flexibly.

WiFi calling is also included since April 11 in all new red tariffs. First German Telecommunications Group WiFi calling has introduced Vodafone, so that customers can make calls using your own mobile phone number in the Wi-Fi network with their smartphones. This can be handy if the wireless signal is not strong enough such as Cellars or buildings with particularly thick reinforced concrete walls. Also the exchange of the WLAN in the LTE network is possible without interrupting the provider according to. His own statements after around 20 are in the network of Vodafone smartphones WiFi calling capability. Vodafone of Web site lists the appropriate devices. These include the Apple iPhone 6, 6 plus, 6s, 6s plus, iPhone 7, 7 plus, iPhone SE, as well as numerous Samsung, Sony, LG and Vodafone devices, as long as they were bought at Vodafone.

Funktionsweise von Gigadepot andem Bespiel des tarifs red M Bild: Vodafone). operation of Gigadepot am example of the tariff red M image: Vodafone).

upon completion of the contract until 10 April, Vodafone offers a range with double data volume and 100 euro starting credit also currently. Thus there is in the Red S 2 GB including phone and SMS-flat and EU-roaming for 26.99 Euros per month for 24 months contract period. In the Red M doubled the volume 6 GB for 35,99 EUR and in the Red L 12 GB for 34.99 euros (from 13th month 44,99 Euro). From the Red XL is already a mobile phone theft insurance included. Here are 42,99 EUR (62,99 EUR from the 13th month) for 20 GB in the Red XL due, in the Red XXL with 40 GByte 59.99 respectively 89.99 from the 13th month. The black tariff for 200 euros per month includes 30 GB not doubling, then still annually a new smartphone and roaming in the EU member countries, in Switzerland, Turkey, the United States and Canada.

the WiFi calling missing at the listed rate can be if necessary also for 2.99 Euro in a month as an option to the fare for the Red Book. Therefore, a comparison with the new tariffs worth once more. Red in the new fare there are 4 GB including WiFi calling for 41,99 EUR, in the old fare there are currently even 6 GB for “only” 35,99 EUR in the Red the WiFi calling option so M. Bay man, unless one has a compatible Smartphone or it is ordered, you can still see the 41,99 EUR and has much more volume. DISPLAY

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