Vodafone: Internet access with 500 MBit / s of summer

in the coming weeks will start in mobile, Vodafone Germany with the expansion of 500 MBit / s as the company at the weekend on the CeBIT in Hannover has communicated. The “half Gigabit” then in 15 cities in Düsseldorf, Stuttgart and Dresden to be available before the summer. All customers will benefit from the speed. Vodafone bought the higher pace also its prepaid product CallYa. The company increased only in the last year on download speeds of 375 MBit / s.

 Vodafone technology-Chef Eric Kuisch (image: Vodafone) Vodafone technology-Chef Eric Kuisch (image: Vodafone)

“going forward as the Gigabit society’s engine. With top speeds, innovative products and technologies of the future. Our Giga networks make Germany fast, flexible and ready for industrial competition tomorrow. On our information superhighway large corporations, medium-sized companies and private people rush directly into the Gigabit era”, so Vodafone Germany CEO Hannes Ametsreiter. “We are clocks. We set standards and breaking through the sound barrier of half a Gigabit.”

also in the Kabelnetzt should come to enjoy of the half gigabits medium-sized companies and private households. Until the summer, the Düsseldorf company wants to provide 20 percent of customers in the cable distribution area also here with the new top speeds. Vodafone doubled in the past year is surfing speeds to millions of customers on 400 MBit/s.

the potential of Vodafone’s modern glass bevel cable administration claims but long not been exhausted. Perspective up to 20 GBit / s, we can according to Vodafone. Vodafone pushes the full digitisation in the TV cable and wants to create such capacity for even more speed. All cable connections from Vodafone are already digitized according to corporate data. Nearly 90 percent of the approximately 8 million cable households use already the digital TV reception.

Vodafone has set itself the goal already 2019 to crack the Gigabit brand – and thus six years earlier than by the network Alliance so far planned. Vodafone makes to the first Gigabit – Federal State of Bavaria. Here, Gigabit speeds available are then for 70 percent of all residents. In the first regions, Gigabit to be available this year. Vodafone plans to bring five pilot cities to the Gigabit line. “

 Vodafone and TU Dresden Show humanoid robots pepper (image: Vodafone). Vodafone and TU Dresden Show humanoid robots pepper (image: Vodafone).

together with the experts of the TU Dresden shows the telecommunications company will revolutionize on the CeBIT as the fifth generation of mobile communications, including the company. The research partners together present the fastest humanoid robot. Pepper respond to gestures as fast as the human nervous system, so Vodafone. Working with robots in real time open up new opportunities for business and society, as the company further tells. Humanoids can assume then remote-controlled robot tasks, if it would be too dangerous for humans. For example, for the recovery of any earthquake or avalanche victims in conflict areas. DISPLAY

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