Vodafone accelerates LTE network to 500 MBit / s: Let’s start with Düsseldorf

Vodafone provides, as already on the CeBIT in March announced from now on its mobile network LTE with 500 MBit/s. The speed is initially in Dusseldorf available, until the end of the year then according to providers in 30 cities in Germany. The half Gigabit is the company according to an integral part of all Vodafone tariffs, both for new as well as existing customers, regardless of whether it is a postpaid – or CallYa fare. “

 Vodafone accelerates LTE network to 500 MBit: Düsseldorf is the beginning (image: Vodafone). Vodafone accelerates LTE network to 500 MBit: Düsseldorf is the beginning (image: Vodafone).

“as a Gigabit-company we set the pace. We take Germany on the hand and take the next step to the Gigabit together. Now we break through the next sound barrier with the half Gigabit in mobile communications. On Germany’s busy information superhighway to the overtaking our customers use and noise data traffic from”Vodafone Germany CEO Hannes Ametsreiter.

in order to realize the new top speeds, Vodafone uses a new 4,5G-Technologie according to own. Thereby, the company bundles frequency bands from the areas of 2600er, 800 and 1800 megahertz. With special alignment of antennas in smart phones and base stations, these frequency bands can be used for data transfer each twice. The so-called 256 QAM signal transmission in addition increase the performance, so Vodafone.

in the previous year, Vodafone had presented the half Gigabit mobile in a live test. Because now even the first smartphones support the technology, Vodafone customers now also in everyday life should benefit from the new top speeds. The Sony is already ready for the half Gigabit Xperia XZ . Sony Xperia XZ premium and the Samsung Galaxy S8 and the S8 plus follow shortly.

in Düsseldorf, Vodafone customers now can surf with half a Gigabit. Soon the cities follow Erfurt, Coswig, Dresden, Stuttgart and Mannheim. In the summer the half Gigabit will be available in 15, until the end of the year in 30 cities. Already last year, Vodafone as LTE clocks set the pace and made the mobile radio network with 375 Mbit / s for the fastest in Germany.


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