Verdict: Facebook must hate posts across delete

a Court of appeal in the Austrian capital Vienna decided that must Facebook not only block certain hate posts in Austria, but completely delete. It is therefore not sufficient to make inaccessible to the relevant posts in Austria, they are allowed outside of the country not more available. It thus upheld a complaint by the Austrian Green Party.

 Facebook (image: Facebook) specifically, it is offensive contributions are directed against the party leader Eva Glawischnig. In the first instance court had instructed just the social network, to block the entries in Austria. According to the Court of appeal, this is not enough however. It prescribes the deletion even for foreign Facebook users now.

as Reuters reported the Court also takes the view that Facebook can automate deletion of the offending content without much effort. The US company was to search the social network, also to remove them also for similar content, but cannot be expected to. The deletion is limited so identical and identified as hate posts content.

the judgment is still not legally binding. The Austrian Green Party already announced according to the report, to submit the case to the Austrian Supreme Court. You want to achieve, that Facebook must proceed not only against identical but similar posts. In addition, the U.S. company to identify users of fake accounts.

in addition, the party demands compensation from Facebook. Which in turn should make it in the future other affected by hate posts easier to initiate even legal action. “Facebook has the allegations dispel, that it is the world’s largest platform for hate speech and that it does not, however,”, the Green Deputy Dieter Brosz is quoted as saying.

the European Commission also deals with hate postings on social media . A year ago she agreed with Facebook, Microsoft Twitter and YouTube one voluntary measures, which proposes among other things a deletion reported hate comments 24 hours. In December, the Commission noted that the voluntary agreement has no effect. Since then, it checks whether new laws are needed to deal with hate speech.


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