Vault 7: Telnet vulnerability in Cisco switches

Cisco warns of a critical security hole in over 300-switch models, which was discovered by an analysis of the CIA documents revealed by Wikileaks with Vault 7 . The previously also the manufacturer not known vulnerability affects in the default configuration of devices and can be used over IPv4 or IPv6. Access to several hundred thousand units to have been through these zero-day gap possible to US intelligence.

 Cisco (image: Cisco)

the catalogued as CVE-2017-3881
error is located in the Cisco Cluster Management Protocol (CMP) in Cisco’s IOS and IOS XE software. CMP uses Telnet to internal communication, accepted but also other Telnet connections and thus opens attack vectors for unauthenticated attacker from afar.

the risks related to a faulty processing of manipulated CMP-specific options contributes to as a second factor, what could allow an attacker to run arbitrary code. That could allow him subsequently to take complete control of the device with appropriately prepared requests or perform a reboot of the device.

in a Security Advisory lists at risk models to Cisco and announces the release of a free software update to close the vulnerability, but still no date for it’s called. Since there is also no workaround, the manufacturer recommends to disable these devices Telnet of SSH.

the risk to determine, is to check the existence of the CMP subsystem for units running with IOS XE. Whether the device configuration allows Telnet connections is required for all relevant devices running Cisco IOS and Cisco IOS XE. If customers want to, can not disable the Telnet Protocol or the manufacturer recommends to reduce the attackable surface area of at least iACLs (infrastructure access control lists). DISPLAY

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