Users who want to upgrade your old iPhone to foster sales of iPhone 8

i Phone 8 approaching more and more, and all indications are that it will be a great device. This is why and the excitement of users that many have resisted upgrading their old iPhone so to this year jump.

users using an old iPhone will be conducive to upgrade with the release of the iPhone 8

the majority of iPhone users do not update their mobile each year. In fact, according to a study done by analysts in Boston, a 28% of them have an iPhone 6 and 16% used an iPhone 5 or 5S (I I would include in that group).

as well, according to several analysts, these users of an iPhone 6 or previous will be those who will make the difference. Thus, sales of people who update their devices will be considerable .

 iPhone 8 concept

the reasons for the possible increase in sales with 8 iPhone users old

the main cause of this fact is that there are many expectations this year as 10th anniversary of the iPhone. Thus, people expect much smartphone from Apple this year. And let us hope that Tim Cook and his team not disillusioned us…

in addition, to this is the fact that many people has been waiting for wanting this device for years you attached. Why? Because those who bought an iPhone 6 or is obviously the vast majority not updated the iPhone 6S because they were still paying the previous device. When the new device came out, the 7, these users not updated given the few differences with the previous model.

 iPhone 6 iPhone 6

something similar happens with the current owners of an iPhone 5, 5 c or 5S . Buyers of these devices if still not updated one more current, it is likely not want them to be so to the last and that they are waiting for a big generation gap. That all indications are that it will happen with this iPhone 8. In addition, users of the 5/5 c or above have an added incentive, and it is IOS 11 Apple will no longer support devices 32 bit so you will only receive the update models of 64-bit (of the 5S onwards).

 iPhone 5s

iPhone but will not be the only ones who switch to an iPhone 8…

obviously these users will not be the only ones who upgrade to iPhone 8.

users change every year Mobile, always Apple or not, they will also be favorable to buy this device that we will see after the summer. Thus, buyers all iPhone will be the same with this. But the interesting thing is that they could return users who at one time were with iPhone but that they were later passed to Android devices.

in addition, must also take into account those who purchased an iPhone 6S with a plan for permanence just them the same this year. “

 iPhone 7 dual Plus camera iPhone 7 Plus conclusions

as we can see everything points to please for Apple. The hopes placed in this iPhone 8 are very large, and more that ever Apple cannot afford failure.

do you what do you think? what device you currently have? Do you plan to buy iPhone 8?

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