Users report a noise of bursting in the MacBook Pro 2016 15 “

 Apple MacBook Pro 2016

new problem for Apple regarding their most innovative products. first was the noise that has the iPhone 7 Plus due to the high performance of the processor, which shook nearly everyone who had one. Now Apple 15″ MacBook Pro 2016 confronts a new strange in another of its devices noise strange, in this case.

the MacBook Pro 2016 15″ joins the list of devices with noises strangers

has begun a new viral outbreak around the 15″ MacBook Pro 2016, related to a very strange noise of tamponade. to this phenomenon more users of these devices have come together as we can see in the the Apple support website .

 macbook touch bar Pro 2016 MacBook 15

in these comments we see that this sound is described as when you squeeze a bottle of plastic . This noise seems that it is beginning to scare since it is very similar to the one of an explosion. Although it seems that they are not clarified the situation in which occur, since apparently only appears when it is making a task very intense as when we play or we are editing video.

there is no official response from Apple. In some cases s e internal components of the device have changed. some users have begun to make assumptions. Some claim that the problem lies on the MacBook Pro hinges where the heat is very intense and causing that these parts disarm slightly and thus lose the robustness of the device. The comment was exactly the following:

I think that the problem is actually hinges, since there is some natural bending on the back of aluminium of the screen. I think that the heat has affected the tail or mounted in the display Assembly some plastic.

do have a 15″ MacBook Pro 2016? Have you ever experienced this noise on your machine? Let us in the comments box what you think on the matter.

via: 9to5Mac

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