Users of Internet in the United States are without privacy

No it are very well going to say to the other side of the pond. Firstly, the Government of Donald Trump blew through the air to clean energy Plan, ignoring everything that has been said and shown on climate change . And now, the turn of privacy on the website . With a result of 215 to 205 the House of representatives approved the Elimination of the so-called «rules of privacy» for Internet providers, giving green light to the commercialization of histories and personal data of navigation without written authorization of its customers.

in general I have no reason to enter fully into the political situation in the United States, because at the end of the day everyone must deal with to (o no, recuerden que allá no es obligatorio) and present fight using the resources that enable democracy. However, it is evident that the new Government is not leaving a single stone without flip, in a attempt to minimize or boot root all decisions made by Barack Obama. One of these stones is the FCC now under Republican control and Ajit Pai head, a former Verizon decided to put an end to net neutrality and benefit to their old employers. In October of last year with the FCC in charge of Tom Wheeler and democratic majority, has created a series of “rules of privacy” for Internet providers which forced them to seek explicit authorization of clients before selling records and personal data of navigation advertising platforms (y otros interesados) . On the day of yesterday those rules disappeared.

the representative Nancy Pelosi in the debate

with a score of 215 to 205, the House of representatives approved the Elimination of the rules of privacy following the decision taken by the Senate last week, in this case with a 50-48. Republicans defended the measure forming two fronts: the first with the vision that providers must be regulated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and not by the FCC. The second, suggesting that the rules «generated confusion» e installed ‘a framework of unfair competition’ front to content providers and search engines, and social networks ignoring the huge differences between a content provider and one of connectivity. If that seems a bit, it is true that the rules would not come into force until December 7, but the Republican block (ciertamente aceitado por los dólares deel lobbying) decided to remove them now.

the most forceful example of the danger that represents this «free via» for providers Representative Michael Capuano gave it (demócrata, Massachusetts) when he invited Republicans on the grounds that “a good reason” den which «Comcast should know the health problems» his mother’s. Nancy Pelosi (demócrata, California) current leader of the Democratic minority in the House, recalled that «modes private» browsers won’t help anything. Part of the Republican strategy (la intervención de la FTC) aimed at elimination of the condition of ‘common carrier’ and by extension, neutrality in the network on us territory. This could open the door to concepts such as the “fast lanes” or simply providers request more money in Exchange for preserving the privacy of its customers. Everything you need for the decision of the Chamber is the signature of President Trump, almost guaranteed at these times. Something tells me that the demand for VPN services will shoot soon in the United States…

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