Users ask Siri by prostitutes and sends them to a bar Sport

always iPhone users have asked some absurd things Siri, admittedly. Now in Toronto (Canada) some users have asked Siri for prostitutes and them addressed to a sports bar the Metldown Sports Bar.

how can has come to light this error of Siri?

apparently, the last Sunday called Meltdown local sports Bar received a call at 3 in the morning of a man asking for prostitutes. East was not the first case of a “curious” call in the middle of the night . “

 Siri - prostitutes Meltdown bar are receiving these calls from people asking for escort service. The owner of the bar said that calls were so short and I was so taken aback by the fact, that never was
able to know what occurred.

whenever someone in the area asked Siri with the words ‘escorts’ (escorts), ‘hookers’, and ‘prostitutes’ (prostitutes), your device headed them in the exact address and with the telephone number of this bar.

experts in technology and the type of code that is behind Siri, commented that this theory is unlikely. We always look forward to services such as Google or Siri, give us the correct answer but not always the case. Sometimes there are bugs that is beyond the control of the programmer and user. However, he says that these errors are becoming rarer. “

 Siri - prostitutes Meltdown bar

Siri incorporates algorithms that allow you to learn from the past experiences

Siri has a system that learns from previous experiences adjusting their responses to the user. Each device is easier to use over time as it adapted to the uses to which we are giving.

cases which we are discussing are very serious for a settlement, since situations like these can affect notoriously in the potential clientele that could have. These errors must be resolved as soon as possible, to not damage the brand or clients.

have not yet obtained a response from Apple

were the same owners who they contacted the Apple technical service last Tuesday via e-mail and Twitter, but it has not yet obtained response . They mention that they will continue to insist to the solution and now are preparing a formal complaint to Apple by the end of this week. Anyway, say that meanwhile they are already taking it is a joke and that they believe will thus end being part of the clientele.

do you know any similar to this case? Do you think that Apple should put solution as soon as possible? Leave us your comments.

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